Rocksmith 1.02 Patch Released!

Today was the day Rocksmith players had been waiting for, patch day. Many of the requested fixes have been implemented but people still aren’t satisfied! Go figure…

Here are the patch notes from FaceBook:

1. The user is now able to select ‘Songs’ from the Multiplayer Post Play screen, allowing them to select a new song without having to re-calibrate the guitar each time
2. A fix has been entered to disqualify any Guitarcade Game score that was gotten through exploitation of the Pause Button. A warning message appears on the Pause Screen informing the user that pausing the game again will disqualify their score from the leaderboards
3. The amount of lives that the user has in Riff Repeater has been increased to 30 when selected from Event Manager or Song selection.
4. The user is now able to invoke the precision tuner before quick-tuning in any song or event, excluding multiplayer
5. The user is now able to select their own “Phrase Mastery” level in the Pause Menu of Riff Repeater activities. Completing the phrase on the set level carries that progress into the full song, unless the new phrase level is LOWER than what has actually been achieved naturally
6. The user can now start new songs at a HIGHER phrase level if they are good enough (Level 7 as opposed to Level 5), and they can also level up high-level phrases with fewer correct repetitions
7. A fix has been implemented so that the “Satisfaction” Single Note arrangement can be unlocked for Master Mode
8. A fix has been implemented so that the “Do You Remember” Chord arrangement can be unlocked for Master Mode.
9. Lag Correction will be a new feature in the Options menu to adjust the difference between sound and how fast notes appear
10. General stability improvements to fix crashes

– The Songs menu option is also in the Post Play Menu. Select this option after a song to jump straight to the song list.
– When the user sets Phrase levels to Highest in the Options menu, the game will return their base difficulty level for new songs to their higher phrase level.

In addition to the patch Paul Cross tweeted something very interesting:

Interpret that how you will and enjoy the patch!