Rocksmith 2014 DLC 1/5/2016 – Hit Singles III


Hello Rocksmith fans!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016, it’s time for the first DLC of the month and it’s four hit singles from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and yes the 2000s, it’s Hit Singles III!

Representing the 1970’s is Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music! The lead track doesn’t feature any sort of chord progression so you’ll have to access rhythm to get that funk down. Cool to see a track from Guitar Hero 5 end up in RS. As for the 1980s it’s a blast from the past straight from Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80’s, Asia’s Heat of The Moment! The solo may surprise you.. The 1990’s contains a very anticipated track for me personally. It’s the song that means they want you out of the bar, Semisonic’s Closing Time. Finally to wrap up the 2000’s and compliment the addition of Joker and the Thief it’s Wolfmother’s Woman, complete with a charted organ solo. That’s some GH: Smash Hits stuff right there!

Hit Singles III Song Pack – $9.99 / Steam

Guess what? All songs are in E Standard!

Is this the best Hit Singles pack yet? Or is this more of a miss for you? Let us know!

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