Rocksmith 2014 DLC 2/25 – The Doors

Looks like we were right! Today’s DLC is a 3 Pack from the legendary psychedelic rock band, The Doors! Bassists despite what you thought, you will have 3 bass lines to groove along to with the haunting vocals of Jim Morrison accompanying the deceptively complex guitar work of Robby Krieger.

Rhythm guitarists take note that you will have to opt for lead on both Riders on the Storm and Roadhouse Blues.

Also be prepared to play the excellent organ intro to Light My Fire on your six string axe.

The Doors Song Pack – $7.99


The Doors are a band we weren’t 100% sure of when it came to licensing. Ubisoft SF has managed to secure three tracks from the pack that Harmonix licensed in 2010, so it looks like they aren’t too fussy about it. What would you rather see, Doors Pack 02 or Green Day Pack 02? Let us know in the comments below!