Rocksmith 2014 DLC 9/20 – The Misfits

Hello Rocksmith fans!

It’s time to practice those powerchords because this week’s Rocksmith DLC is a four pack from @themisfits!

As the previous article revealed, the pack features Halloween (1981), but what other songs await us?

Well, thanks to our good friends at SCEE and Xbox AU, we know that the pack includes Die, Die My Darling (1984), Last Caress (1980’s Beware) and finally what’s sure to be a family sing-a-long hit, Where Eagles Dare (Legacy of Brutality 1985).

No Astro Zombies this time!

You may recognize Die, Die My Darling as a song covered by a certain hard to license metal band…


Misfits Song Pack – $9.99 / Steam

Yup, it’s all in E Standard this week.


Are you excited for this addition to the now 900 song DLC library? Or is horror-punk just not your thing, let us know!