Rocksmith 2014 DLC 8/2/2016 – Variety Song Pack III


Hello Rocksmith fans!

Our third dose of variety comes to us this week, and this time we’re getting some instrumental virtuoso guitar work, a hugely requested indie rock anthem, giants of progressive rock, and one of the greatest metal bands of all time. All in all, this looks to be one of the most complex guitar weeks in recent memory, so start stretching those fingers.

First up is the indie rock as The Fratellis bring their bouncy 2006 hit Chelsea Dagger. We may have mentioned before how much we wanted this song in the game…

Next, we have the return of a Rocksmith 2014 disc artist with Joe Satriani bringing his 1987 masterpiece Always with You, Always with Me to the game. If you’ve mastered Satch Boogie and are looking for more, then look no further!

Following that, we have another Rocksmith 2014 disc artist in the return of Pantera! They’re bringing their 1994 metal classic 5 Minutes Alone. Did you ever expect a Pantera single in a variety pack? I know I didn’t but tune your guitars to D Standard and be prepared to chug and shred with Dime.

Finally, it’s the long awaited return of Styx as the prog legends beef up the criminally under-represented genre with 1978’s Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)! This song is sure to give you a challenge that Renegade only even hinted at. We weren’t lying when we said this week was going to be tough!

Variety Song Pack III – $9.99 / Steam

So tell us, does this pack have everything you want, or is there just too much variety for you to like everything? Let us know in the comments below!