Rocksmith DLC 12/13 – Megadeth Pack

You asked for metal? You got it!

Rocksmith just announced via Facebook that December 13th will bring three tracks from Megadeth to Rocksmith DLC! Once again it’s feeling very Guitar Hero 1 / 2 with this DLC release featuring:   Countdown to Extinction‘s “Symphony of Destruction” (previously on Guitar Hero and through Guitar Hero 5 DLC),”Rust in Peace‘s “Hangar 18″ (Previously in Guitar Hero 2 and through Guitar Hero 5 DLC), and off their latest album, Th1rt3en “Public Enemy No. 1.”

UPDATE: We just confirmed that this is indeed, a Megadeth “Pack.” That means all three songs will run you 640 MSP/$7.99 and each individual song will be 240 MSP/$2.99!

Megadeth Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam

Is this metal enough for you? Are you going to buy it all? Let us know!

Stay tuned for video previews!