Rocksmith DLC – 12/27 “The Black Keys”

After the free “Christmas DLC” from Rocksmith we received last week many speculated that it would be the last Rocksmith DLC of 2011, however thanks to the always DLC checking @Elisoncrz we have discovered that is simply not the case!

This week Ubisoft brings us three tracks from The Black Keys including: “Just Got To Be” from their 2006 album Magic Potionand two tracks from their new album El Camino featuring: “Mind Eraser” and “Gold On The Ceiling.”

Unfortunately this marks another inconsistency where there seems to be no “Pack” and instead we are destined to shell out the $9.00 to have all three tracks… Why Ubi? Why do you do this to us?

The Black Keys Song Pack [XBL Marketplace Download] – 640 MSP

“Just Got To Be[XBL Marketplace Download] DOES NOT CONTAIN A BASS TRACK!!

“Mind Eraser” [XBL Marketplace Download]

“Gold On The Ceiling” [XBL Marketplace Download]

That brings The Black Keys related content total to SEVEN total songs available for Rocksmith… Too much, still not enough? Guess we’ll find out in comments sections later today!