Rocksmith DLC 6/12 – Queen Pack

E3 2012 is over and we’re ready to get back on the Rocksmith DLC train!

I hope your wallets are prepared because we’re getting five songs this week from the legendary classic rock band, QUEEN!

Featured in the pack are all the hits you’d expect: Bohemian Rhapsody, Stone Cold Crazy, Keep Yourself Alive, Fat Bottomed Girls, and Killer Queen. The first 4 songs were revealed by our friend @kylegaddo at The Gaming Vault and the fifth song was later confirmed by a British person.

Let’s hope that getting more than three songs a week isn’t an isolated incident as we venture into the end cycle of Rocksmith’s initial DLC.

Queen Pack – $11.99- [XBL]Steam

Are you excited to try to play Brian May’s timeless riffs and licks? Or are you still waiting for a band with a number in their name? Let us know!