Rocksmith DLC Next Week: Pearl Jam, Eric Johnson, and Blind Melon


Told you there would be some more  Rocksmith DLC news today!

Seems like Steam has once again leaked a few choice songs via the CDR database.


The Pearl Jam Pack will most likely be more of an update to the two songs we received last year with the addition of Alive  to Black and Jeremy.

Where Blind Melon’s No Rain will end up is a mystery and as for Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson, yeeesh my fingers hurt already. Now there’s a song I won’t ever get above 30% mastery!


Thanks to NewkE for the tip!

Do these upcoming unconfirmed songs for Rocksmith excite you? Do you think these Steam Leaks will occur every month? Let us know!

Update: This is next week’s DLC as confirmed by @NaoHigo and the latest Facebook Hints!