Setlist Sunday: BandFuse

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Welcome to our first installment of Setlist Sunday!

Now that Rocksmith 2014’s song library has over 800 songs there’s bound to be some cross over with other music games (real guitar and plastic guitar respectively).

First up is the now defunct BandFuse, which we reviewed favourably and in a quite in depth manner.

Note that since BandFuse uses audio stems many songs are Live recordings whereas Rocksmith got the original studio track since it doesn’t require separated tracks.

Of the 55 song setlist, currently 37 are playable in Rocksmith 2014 for a total of 67%. In addition, of the 21 songs that were available as DLC for BandFuse, 17 are available in Rocksmith for an impressive total of 80%.

BandFuse’s Setlist

Artist Song Date in Rocksmith
Alanis Motissette You Oughta Know N/A
The All-American Rejects Move Along 09/08/2015
Bad Religion Infected 08/09/2016
Billy Idol Rebel Yell N/A
Black Label Society Overlord 04/05/2016
Blind Melon No Rain 01/15/2013
blink-182 All the Small Things 02/21/2012
Blue Öyster Cult Godzilla 06/26/2012
Blur Song 2 10/18/2011
Bootsy Collins Rock Bandit N/A
Brian Setzer Rock This Town ** 06/09/2015 **
Bullet for My Valentine Tears Don’t Fall 11/25/2014
Cheap Trick I Want You to Want Me (Live) N/A
Children of Bodom Are You Dead Yet? N/A
The Clash Should I Stay or Should I Go 02/11/2013
Coldplay Yellow N/A
The Distillers Drain the Blood N/A
Dream Theater Pull Me Under N/A
Duncan Sheik Barely Breathing N/A
Faith No More Epic 07/28/2015
Fall Out Boy Sugar, We’re Going Down 02/05/2013
Five Finger Death Punch The Bleeding N/A
Foreigner Hot Blooded 09/30/2014
The Grateful Dead Hell in a Bucket N/A
Halestorm Love Bites (So Do I) 03/11/2014
Heart Barracuda 01/17/2012
Incubus Drive 06/21/2016
Jane’s Addiction Been Caught Stealing 02/17/2015
Judas Priest Breaking the Law (Live) 04/17/2012 *
Kansas Carry on Wayward Son 02/18/2013
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Blue on Black 10/06/2015
Living Colour Cult of Personality 03/05/2013
Lynch Mob Wicked Sensation N/A
Maroon 5 Harder to Breathe 05/14/2013
Megadeth Hangar 18 12/13/2011
Modern English I Melt With You N/A
Modest Mouse Float On 04/16/2013
My Chemical Romance Welcome to the Black Parade 05/29/2012
Nine Days Absolutely (Story of a Girl)
Pantera I’m Broken N/A
Pearl Jam Alive 01/15/2013
Pixies Here Comes Your Man 04/30/2013
RATT Round and Round 10/22/2013
Red Fang Wires 10/22/2013
Rick Springfield Jessie’s Girl 05/28/2013
Rush Limelight 11/13/2012
Santana Black Magic Woman (Live) 01/08/2013 *
Shinedown Devour N/A
Slash ft. Myles Kennedy Back from Cali 05/27/2014
Social Distortion Bad Luck 08/11/2015
Stellar Revival The Crazy Ones N/A
The Strokes Reptillia 01/22/2013
Sublime What I Got 09/02/2014
Testament Souls of Black ** N/A
Wolfmother Woman 01/05/2016

* Denotes the studio version of the track in Rocksmith.
** Denotes a re-recorded version of the track.

BandFuse DLC

Note: none of this is available for purchase anymore on BandFuse

Artist Song Date in Rocksmith
Blues Traveler Run-Around N/A
Boston Foreplay/Long Time 03/04/2014
Cheap Trick Surrender (Live) 01/29/2013 *
A Day to Remember The Downfall of Us All 03/18/2014
Disturbed Inside the Fire 04/12/2016
Fall Out Boy Dance, Dance 02/05/2015
Filter Hey Man, Nice Shot 05/31/2016
Heart Crazy On You (Live) 03/11/2014 *
Incubus Pardon Me 06/21/2016
Jane’s Addiction Mountain Song 02/17/2015
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Fire 12/16/2014
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Foxey Lady (Live) 12/16/2014 *
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Little Wing 12/16/2014
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Love or Confusion N/A
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Purple Haze 12/16/2014
Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man 09/09/2014
The Offspring All I Want 02/02/2016
Panic! At the Disco I Write Sins Not Tragedies N/A
Pantera Cowboys from Hell (Live) 12/04/2012 *
Pretenders Back on the Chain Gang N/A
Yes Roundabout 10/18/2016

* Denotes the studio version of the track in Rocksmith.

Ten Songs from BandFuse we want in Rocksmith

Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

Nine Days made their music game debut here, with a fun, catchy track that bops along on bass, has a trickier-than-you think guitar solo, and a solid, unconventional rhythm track to back it all up.

Back on the Chain Gang

An alternative classic, Back on the Chain Gang shines with a fun bass track to back up the simple, but fun chord progression found on guitar.


More than just this song, in general, we have a more-noticable-by-the-day dearth of Coldplay in Rocksmith.  Yellow plays it simple with its guitar, but its melodic vocals and consistent backing bass make it a beautiful song to listen to and a joy to play.

You Oughta Know

Rocksmith could use some Alanis Morisette – but it could also always use some more Dave Navarro and Flea, who feature on guitar and bass respectively.  Easily one of the best bass tracks to hit a real guitar game, with a rockin’ lead track and revengey vocals, “You Oughta Know” would become an instant hit in Rocksmith.

Wicked Sensation

A great hair metal song from Legend George Lynch, Wicked Sensation cranks up lead and rhythm with a crazy chord progression and nutty solo.  While the bass leaves something to be desired, the solo would be enough to occupy any guitarist for months.

The Bleeding

Another band we’re wanting for in Rocksmith, Five Finger Death Punch’s “The Bleeding” crushes a catchy lead riff and difficult-to-master intro solo into one song.

Inside the Fire

Disturbed has been represented well through Rocksmith, but we were surprised this hit track made it to BandFuse and not Rocksmith.  Killer to play and sing along to, with an easier-than-you’d-think solo, we think it’s only a matter of time before we see this one drop as DLC.


With one of the greatest bass tracks of all time driving the song, a lead guitar that varies throughout, and a rhythm guitar that holds it all together, there’s no denying that Roundabout was easily within the top songs to ever hit BandFuse- and there’s no question it could make top ten lists in Rocksmith as well.

Run Around

Blues Traveler’s classic hit made it to BandFuse with an admittedly confusing lead, but the solid rhythm track and catchy, difficult bass part makes it a great track to sit and learn- preferably with some coffee or tea.

Pull Me Under

Potentially the biggest band missing from Rocksmith available on BandFuse, Dream Theater’s “Pull Me Under” puts guitarists and bassists both to the test of mastering a classic.

Are You Dead Yet?

A metal classic with a tough lick and thumping bass to go along with it, Are You Dead Yet? was one of the greatest songs in BandFuse- even if the questionable omission of the lick in the chorus hurts it a little bit.

There’s our picks, but you have the songs in front of you now! What songs would you pick from BandFuse to be included in the Rocksmith 2014 library? Let us know!