Song Speculation: Alice in Chains comes back down to Rocksmith

Hello Rocksmith fans!

@UbisoftStudioSF hinted that there would be a long overdue encore this month and after quickly solving RollingStone222’s clue it looks like they have delivered!

Let’s check out this quickie on the Rocksmith Forums

It’s a GIF!

How’d you get that so fast???

Oh right, that’s Jerry’s bar isn’t it…

Wow, that’s quite a wild guess!

That would make sense…


This will bring the total @AliceInChains song count in the Rocksmith Library to 11! On disc we have Stone, and shortly after Rocksmith 2014’s release we received a five pack of songs including Man in The Box, Would?, Hollow, Them Bones, and Check My Brain!

What other four songs are we hoping to see join Down in a Hole?

What follows is speculation

Yeah they came to license the Rooster yeah yeaaaah

Tones would be amazing on this one

Hope Ubisoft doesn’t stay away from this choice…


Are you excited for the return of @AliceInChains or were you hoping for another artist to return? Let us know!