Song Speculation: Avril Lavigne makes Rocksmith a bit more complicated

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Welcome to March, we have a fresh clue from RollingStone222 that has been posted, and solved.

Let’s check it out!

Awesome! Moar Metal!!! Oh wait, that isn’t the right way…

What does that mean?

Nah, that can’t be it…

[2000’s nostalgia intensifying]

It’s a FIVE PACK!!


Avril Lavigne’s inclusion in guitar based music games isn’t as widespread as one would think. Until last year the only guitar game that included her music was Rock Revolution with a cover of Sk8er Boi. Both Modern Hits and Band Hero DS featured Avril’s music as well. In 2015 Guitar Hero Live included Here’s To Never Growing Up on their main setlist. Finally in 2016 Rock Band finally released a three pack for the Canadian punky-pop queen featuring Complicated, My Happy Ending, and What The Hell. Avril’s music has been featured in other music games such as Elite Beat Agents, Karaoke Revolution, Lips and Singstar.

With all that said, what could be in store for this five pack, eh?

What follows is speculation

Speculation, shmeculation… This song is for sure in, the newsletter this month hints at it, and it’s probably her biggest hit (it’s her debut). When this song came out it enraged my very authentic skater self…

Hey Hey You You I want this song in the five pack

What are you running from Avril, we love you

Yodelling on point

Wow, I as well recall singing @radiohead at the top of my lungs. What song though?

Whyyyyyyyyy should I care!!!!!

So there you have it, @AvrilLavigne will make her Rocksmith debut next week bringing us to 995 songs, are you excited to rock out with some angsty Canadian yodelpunk? Or does this pack make you go What The Hell, let us know!