Speculation: Disturbed returns to Rocksmith 2014

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Stop checking your cellphone and drop tune your guitars, @Disturbed is coming back to Rocksmith 2014 with a five pack!

@DanAmrich gave us another screenshot clue today, and it was quickly solved by ghmorello on reddit.

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Yup, it looks like it’s Stricken, made famous in music games by the hand mangling chord changes on Guitar Hero III

We might also assume given the April Newsletter that Indestructible is also on the way next week…

Pictured above is the top most listened to songs on @Spotify US. What song do you expect to most likely be included in next week’s five pack?

Are you excited about five more @Disturbed songs in Rocksmith 2014? Or are they just a bit too generic for you? Let us know!