Speculation: Rocksmith 2014 Goes Classical

Greetings Rocksmith fans!

Yesterday’s clue was quite puzzling indeed. It involved four different zip files, binary code, German, YouTube videos, and of course working together.

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Here are the five YouTube videos that were decoded, can you figure out which classical music piece each one refers to?

Pretty obvious right? Well here they are anyway

One of the other associated hints for this week is a tweet from @UbisoftStudioSF back in May:

What could it mean? We could assume that these classical pieces have been arranged by in house musicians much like the XMas DLC. Perhaps there is a video of @HailTheShane, @NicholasBonardi and @BrianAdamMcCune in powdered wigs? Or something completely different…

Will this DLC be free as it’s Public Domain? Will metalheads ironically express dismay for music that is the very tenet of the material they enjoy? Come back next week to find out more!