Speculation: Rocksmith celebrates Canada Day with Billy Talent

Welcome Rocksmith fans!

Next Tuesday will be another somewhat historic release for Ubisoft as they become the first music game to license not one, but FIVE songs from Toronto (Mississauga) melodic “punk” rock band, Billy Talent!

Back in 2009 singer, Ben Kowalewicz did an interview regarding the special edition of their album Billy Talent III. The main point of mentioning this, is the addition of an extra disc containing the guitar track removed from the songs and included tablature for all the tracks!

For an extra $10 or so, fans can pick up the deluxe version which includes a second disc of the album’s 11 songs stripped of guitars and the notes for all the tracks, so budding musicians can play along and try to match guitarist Ian D’Sa riff for riff.


This was actually believed to be some starch evidence towards why neither Guitar Hero or Rock Band were able to license music from the Canadian quartet.

Anyway, yesterday @DanAmrich as always had a puzzle for us, not too hard this time but fun all the same.

A scene from Hardcore Logo which featured a band named… Billy Tallent (get it because it’s mispelle- yeahhh).

That’s an abridged version but check out the forum for Dan’s explanation.

Now which songs would you expect to be included? Well here’s our picks:

A fantastic No Quarter rip off

Their breakthrough hit

dat intro riff


Are you excited for the debut of Billy Talent? Are you still trying to figure out why anyone would sing like that? Let us know!