Speculation: Three Days Grace bring a little of the good life to Rocksmith 2014!


Dan’s hint this week was a pretty self explanatory cross word.


It took the combined efforts of everyone in the forum to get it, but we nailed it pretty quickly!

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 4.28.30 PM

Thanks for the shout out, Dan! After re-arranging the letters highlighted in pink, we determined that it had to be none other than Canadian hard rock band Three Days Grace!

Three Days Grace and Rocksmith go back a long time, with their mega hit I Hate Everything About You being part of the third week of DLC for Rocksmith 1. Now, it appears we’re getting at least three songs from the group. Here’s what we think could show up:

Animal I Have Become

My personal favourite song of theirs. It’s got a great sounding bass riff going through out that, while lacking a bit in the difficulty department, would definitely be enjoyable to play. It would be a welcome fit in the Rocksmith library.


The only other appearance of this song has been in PowerGig, so it’d be nice to be able to get this in to a game people actually enjoy!

The Good Life

Another song that’s not über complex, but just has a cool sound to it. I wouldn’t complain if this showed up this week.

Never Too Late

A slower pace with some nice acoustic sections. Again, nothing super complex, but it would still be a nice addition to the platform.


Next to I Hate Everything About You, this is probably the other really big Three Days Grace song. I’d be shocked if this one didn’t show up!

Here are the top 10 Three Days Grace songs from @Spotify, what song do you think is most likely to appear next week? Not on the list? Vote “Other”.

Are you excited by the prospect of more Three Days Grace in the game, or do you side with Elliott on this topic? Let us know in the comments!