Speculation: More Deftones headed to Rocksmith 2014

Hello Rocksmith fans!

After a little break since Mastodon (May 13th) we are finally returning to some on disc artist support for the DLC lineup.

This week’s hint was a pushover for our forum friends.

The text is short hand for “Hole In The Earth”

As for what the image is of, @DanAmrich explains:

The clue image is actually a straight screencap from the “Hole In The Earth” video (from Deftones’ own YT channel version, above), taken at 3:32, then cropped & rotated 180 degrees. I didn’t add any additional filters to it because it came preloaded with effects. I almost think that worked in my favor a little bit, because people convinced themselves there was more to it than there actually was! I gotta keep you guessing. 

As you might suspect if you are familiar with the band’s music, everything is downtuned in one way or another. Let the speculation begin!

(BTW, in the last four weeks, DLC went from surfy-reverby to punky-aggro to jangly-poppy to alt-metally. We really are trying to mix it up.)

Dan, you didn’t tell us if it was a five pack or not… That’s not fair!

For those unfamiliar with Deftones, Hole In The Earth is a song that appeared on Guitar Hero 3 and then Rock Band in 2010.


Deftones isn’t really my thing. I find their music boring, I think Chino has an awful voice, and they are one of the worst live bands I’ve ever seen- but they are definitely one of the more popular additions to the library this summer, and their songs will probably be fun to play and learn.*

*Unless you hate drop tuning I suppose.

the best Deftones song because Maynard

Those are last.f- err my picks. Do you think Deftones will get a 5 Pack? Do you care? Do you think I am an inhuman piece of garbage for not liking your favourite band? Leave a comment!