Rocksmith 2014 DLC

“Where is the first Megadeth pack?” That’s DLC from the first game, check out the list of 143 songs here!

TitleArtistRelease DatePack
Blackwater ParkOpeth2020-03-31Opeth
Ghost of PerditionOpeth2020-03-31Opeth
SummertimeJanis Joplin/Big Brother & The Holding Co.2020-03-24Janis Joplin
Me & Bobby McGeeJanis Joplin2020-03-24Janis Joplin
Piece of My HeartJanis Joplin/Big Brother & The Holding Co.2020-03-24Janis Joplin
Breezin'George Benson2020-03-1770s Mix VI
Saturday in the ParkChicago2020-03-1770s Mix VI
You're So VainCarly Simon2020-03-1770s Mix VI
This is Gonna HurtSixx:A.M.2020-03-10Sixx:A.M.
Life is BeautifulSixx:A.M.2020-03-10Sixx:A.M.
Come to My WindowMelissa Etheridge2020-03-03Melissa Etheridge
I'm the Only OneMelissa Etheridge2020-03-03Melissa Etheridge
I Want to Come OverMelissa Etheridge2020-03-03Melissa Etheridge
Angel's SonSevendust2020-02-25Sevendust
Pretend We're DeadL72020-02-18Riot Grrl Song Pack
Bruise VioletBabes in Toyland2020-02-18Riot Grrl Song Pack
Dig Me OutSleater-Kinney2020-02-18Riot Grrl Song Pack
Fire, Ready, AimGreen Day2020-02-11Green Day IV
Father Of All...Green Day2020-02-11Green Day IV
Brain StewGreen Day2020-02-11Green Day IV
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm YoursStevie Wonder2020-02-04Stevie Wonder
SuperstitionStevie Wonder2020-02-04Stevie Wonder
I WishStevie Wonder2020-02-04Stevie Wonder
Once Bitten, Twice ShyGreat White2020-01-28Great White
Rock MeGreat White2020-01-28Great White
House of Broken LoveGreat White2020-01-28Great White
Don't Save MeHAIM2020-01-21HAIM
The WireHAIM2020-01-21HAIM
Small TownJohn Mellencamp2020-01-14John Mellencamp
Pink HousesJohn Mellencamp2020-01-14John Mellencamp
Jack & DianeJohn Mellencamp2020-01-14John Mellencamp
ParachuteChris Stapleton2020-01-07Chris Stapleton
Nobody to BlameChris Stapleton2020-01-07Chris Stapleton
Tennessee WhiskeyChris Stapleton2020-01-07Chris Stapleton
Train Kept A-RollinAerosmith2019-12-17Aerosmith
Love in an ElevatorAerosmith2019-12-17Aerosmith
Dancing QueenABBA2019-12-10ABBA
Mamma MiaABBA2019-12-10ABBA
Perfect SituationWeezer2019-12-03Weezer II
Pork and BeansWeezer2019-12-03Weezer II
Beverly HillsWeezer2019-12-03Weezer II
HeartbreakerPat Benatar2019-11-26Pat Benatar
We BelongPat Benatar2019-11-26Pat Benatar
Hell is For ChildrenPat Benatar2019-11-26Pat Benatar
Bootie CoolerShuggie Otis2019-11-19Blues Song Pack III
San FranciscoJohn Lee Hooker2019-11-19Blues Song Pack III
Going DownFreddie King2019-11-19Blues Song Pack III
Feels Like TonightDaughtry2019-11-12Daughtry
Over YouDaughtry2019-11-12Daughtry
Guitar - Advanced Pull-off/Hammer-on Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-11-05Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Advanced Hammer-on/Pull-off Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-11-05Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Advanced Linear Playing Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-11-05Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Advanced String Skipping Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-11-05Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Advanced Hammer-on/Pull-off Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-11-05Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Advanced Linear Playing Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-11-05Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Advanced Pull-off/Hammer-on Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-11-05Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Advanced String Switching Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-11-05Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Advanced String Skipping Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-11-05Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Advanced String Switching Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-11-05Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 2
Tell Her NoThe Zombies2019-10-29The Zombies
Time of the SeasonThe Zombies2019-10-29The Zombies
She's Not ThereThe Zombies2019-10-29The Zombies
Closer to FineIndigo Girls2019-10-22Indigo Girls
GalileoIndigo Girls2019-10-22Indigo Girls
Power Of TwoIndigo Girls2019-10-22Indigo Girls
Crystal MountainDeath2019-10-15Metal Mix II
Are You Dead Yet?Children of Bodom2019-10-15Metal Mix II
DavidianMachine Head2019-10-15Metal Mix II
Bass - Intermediate String Skipping Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-10-08Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Intermediate Hammer-on/Pull-off Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-10-08Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Intermediate String Switching Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-10-08Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Intermediate Linear Playing Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-10-08Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Intermediate Linear Playing Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-10-08Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Intermediate Hammer-on/Pull-off Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-10-08Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Intermediate Pull-off/Hammer-on Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-10-08Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Intermediate String Switching Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-10-08Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Intermediate String Skipping Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-10-08Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Intermediate Pull-off/Hammer-on Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-10-08Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 2
Drop Dead CynicalAmaranthe2019-10-01Amaranthe
The NexusAmaranthe2019-10-01Amaranthe
Highway to OblivionDragonForce2019-09-24Highway to Oblivion (Single)
Guitar Solos with Dooo #2 – AscendThe Dooo2019-09-17Social Stars
No ReasonAudrey and Kate2019-09-17Social Stars
Everything But MeSet The Charge2019-09-17Social Stars
No GoodKaleo2019-09-10Kaleo
All The Pretty GirlsKaleo2019-09-10Kaleo
Way Down We GoKaleo2019-09-10Kaleo
Guitar - Easy String Switching Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-09-03Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Easy Hammer-on Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-09-03Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Easy Linear Playing Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-09-03Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Easy Pull-off Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-09-03Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Easy Hammer-on Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-09-03Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Easy Linear Playing Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-09-03Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Easy Pull-off Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-09-03Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Easy String Skipping Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-09-03Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 2
Bass - Easy String Switching Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-09-03Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 2
Guitar - Easy String Skipping Exercise 2The Notetrackers2019-09-03Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 2
SeetherVeruca Salt2019-08-27Women Who Rock II
According to YouOrianthi2019-08-27Women Who Rock II
We Got the BeatThe Go-Go's2019-08-27Women Who Rock II
The Ballad Of Chasey LainBloodhound Gang2019-08-20Bloodhound Gang
The Bad TouchBloodhound Gang2019-08-20Bloodhound Gang
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie KiloBloodhound Gang2019-08-20Bloodhound Gang
Still Got The BluesGary Moore2019-08-13Gary Moore
Over The Hills And Far AwayGary Moore2019-08-13Gary Moore
The LonerGary Moore2019-08-13Gary Moore
I Won’t Do What You Tell Me (Stone Cold Steve Austin)Jim Johnston2019-08-06Wrestling Theme Song Pack
Electrifying (The Rock)Jim Johnston2019-08-06Wrestling Theme Song Pack
Break The Walls Down (Chris Jericho)Jim Johnston2019-08-06Wrestling Theme Song Pack
Guitar – Advanced Linear Playing Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-30Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1
Guitar – Advanced String Switching Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-30Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1
Guitar – Advanced Hammer-On/Pull-Off Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-30Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1
Guitar – Advanced String Skipping Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-30Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1
Bass – Advanced Linear Playing Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-30Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1
Bass - Advanced String Switching Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-30Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1
Bass - Advanced String Skipping Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-30Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1
Bass – Advanced Pull-Off/Hammer-On Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-30Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1
Bass - Advanced Hammer-On/Pull-Off Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-30Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1
Guitar – Advanced Pull-Off/Hammer-On Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-30Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be NextManic Street Preachers2019-07-23Manic Street Preachers
Motorcycle EmptinessManic Street Preachers2019-07-23Manic Street Preachers
A Design For LifeManic Street Preachers2019-07-23Manic Street Preachers
Chasing CarsSnow Patrol2019-07-16Indie Rock Song Pack
Bittersweet SymphonyAranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra2019-07-16Indie Rock Song Pack
RenegadesX Ambassadors2019-07-16Indie Rock Song Pack
My MedicineThe Pretty Reckless2019-07-09The Pretty Reckless
Make Me Wanna DieThe Pretty Reckless2019-07-09The Pretty Reckless
Going to HellThe Pretty Reckless2019-07-09The Pretty Reckless
Guitar - Intermediate Linear Playing Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-02Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 1
Guitar - Intermediate Pull-off/Hammer-on Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-02Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 1
Guitar - Intermediate String Skipping Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-02Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 1
Guitar - Intermediate Hammer-on/Pull-off Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-02Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 1
Bass - Intermediate Hammer-on/Pull-off Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-02Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 1
Bass - Intermediate Linear Playing Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-02Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 1
Bass - Intermediate Pull-off/Hammer-on Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-02Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 1
Bass - Intermediate String Skipping Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-02Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 1
Bass - Intermediate String Switching Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-02Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 1
Guitar - Intermediate String Switching Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-07-02Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises, Vol 1
Walking With A GhostTegan and Sara2019-06-25Tegan and Sara
The ConTegan and Sara2019-06-25Tegan and Sara
Call It OffTegan and Sara2019-06-25Tegan and Sara
Take On MeReel Big Fish2019-06-18Rockin' Covers II
Louie LouieJoan Jett & The Blackhearts2019-06-18Rockin' Covers II
Over The Hills And Far AwayNightwish2019-06-18Rockin' Covers II
Dying In Your ArmsTrivium2019-06-11Trivium II
A Gunshot To The Head of TrepidationTrivium2019-06-11Trivium II
Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your MartyrTrivium2019-06-11Trivium II
Bass - Easy String Skipping Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-06-04Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 01
Bass - Easy Pull-off Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-06-04Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 01
Bass - Easy Linear Playing Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-06-04Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 01
Bass - Easy Hammer-on Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-06-04Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 01
Guitar - Easy String Switching Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-06-04Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 01
Guitar - Easy String Skipping Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-06-04Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 01
Guitar - Easy Pull-off Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-06-04Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 01
Guitar - Easy Linear Playing Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-06-04Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 01
Guitar - Easy Hammer-on Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-06-04Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 01
Bass - Easy String Switching Exercise 1The Notetrackers2019-06-04Rocksmith Easy Exercises, Vol 01
She's Kinda Hot5 Seconds of Summer2019-05-285 Seconds of Summer
She Looks So Perfect5 Seconds of Summer2019-05-285 Seconds of Summer
Amnesia5 Seconds of Summer2019-05-285 Seconds of Summer
When The Saints Go Marching InThe Notetrackers2019-05-21Classic Melody Pack
Frère JacquesThe Notetrackers2019-05-21Classic Melody Pack
Amazing GraceThe Notetrackers2019-05-21Classic Melody Pack
Youth of the NationP.O.D.2019-05-14P.O.D.
Time After TimeCyndi Lauper2019-05-07Cyndi Lauper
True ColorsCyndi Lauper2019-05-07Cyndi Lauper
Girls Just Want To Have FunCyndi Lauper2019-05-07Cyndi Lauper
You're the OneGreta Van Fleet2019-04-30Greta Van Fleet II
When The Curtain FallsGreta Van Fleet2019-04-30Greta Van Fleet II
Edge of DarknessGreta Van Fleet2019-04-30Greta Van Fleet II
ShiverColdplay2019-04-232000s Mix VI
The AdventureAngels & Airwaves2019-04-232000s Mix VI
Party HardAndrew W.K.2019-04-232000s Mix VI
Long Tall SallyWanda Jackson2019-04-16Variety Pack XXII
From The Pinnacle To The PitGhost2019-04-16Variety Pack XXII
Counting Blue CarsDishwalla2019-04-16Variety Pack XXII
Alison HellAnnihilator2019-04-16Variety Pack XXII
Wild WorldCat Stevens2019-04-09Cat Stevens
Morning Has BrokenCat Stevens2019-04-09Cat Stevens
Father and SonCat Stevens2019-04-09Cat Stevens
It Must Have Been LoveRoxette2019-04-02Roxette
The LookRoxette2019-04-02Roxette
Listen to Your HeartRoxette2019-04-02Roxette
Jigsaw Falling Into PlaceRadiohead2019-03-26Radiohead III
Fake Plastic TreesRadiohead2019-03-26Radiohead III
AirbagRadiohead2019-03-26Radiohead III
Brick HouseCommodores2019-03-1970s Mix V
Long Cool Woman in a Black DressThe Hollies2019-03-1970s Mix V
Maggot BrainFunkadelic2019-03-1970s Mix V
(You Can Still) Rock In AmericaNight Ranger2019-03-12Night Ranger
Sister ChristianNight Ranger2019-03-12Night Ranger
Don't Tell Me You Love MeNight Ranger2019-03-12Night Ranger
Straight OnHeart2019-03-05Heart
What About LoveHeart2019-03-05Heart
Werewolves of LondonWarren Zevon2019-02-26Variety Pack XXI
Found Out About YouGin Blossoms2019-02-26Variety Pack XXI
ShimmerFuel2019-02-26Variety Pack XXI
The RegulatorClutch2019-02-26Variety Pack XXI
BodiesDrowning Pool2019-02-192000s Mix V
Stacy's MomFountains of Wayne2019-02-192000s Mix V
Alwaysblink-1822019-02-192000s Mix V
Ghost DivisionSabaton2019-02-12Sabaton
Primo VictoriaSabaton2019-02-12Sabaton
Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper HeartStone Temple Pilots2019-02-0590s Mix VI
One of UsJoan Osborne2019-02-0590s Mix VI
When I Come AroundGreen Day2019-02-0590s Mix VI
Somebody to LoveQueen2019-01-29Queen III
I Want to Break FreeQueen2019-01-29Queen III
Hammer to FallQueen2019-01-29Queen III
Breakfast At Tiffany'sDeep Blue Something2019-01-22Variety Pack XX
On The Sunny Side Of The StreetLes Paul & Mary Ford2019-01-22Variety Pack XX
Whiskey in the JarThin Lizzy2019-01-22Variety Pack XX
Teenage DirtbagWheatus2019-01-22Variety Pack XX
Misery BusinessParamore2019-01-15Paramore II
IgnoranceParamore2019-01-15Paramore II
Rose-Colored BoyParamore2019-01-15Paramore II
You Never Can TellChuck Berry2019-01-08Chuck Berry
School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)Chuck Berry2019-01-08Chuck Berry
Johnny B. GoodeChuck Berry2019-01-08Chuck Berry
Brown SugarThe Rolling Stones2018-12-18The Rolling Stones
Jumpin' Jack FlashThe Rolling Stones2018-12-18The Rolling Stones
Gimme ShelterThe Rolling Stones2018-12-18The Rolling Stones
Sympathy for the DevilThe Rolling Stones2018-12-18The Rolling Stones
The BleedingFive Finger Death Punch2018-12-11Five Finger Death Punch
Bad CompanyFive Finger Death Punch2018-12-11Five Finger Death Punch
Wrong Side of HeavenFive Finger Death Punch2018-12-11Five Finger Death Punch
School's OutAlice Cooper2018-12-04Alice Cooper
PoisonAlice Cooper2018-12-04Alice Cooper
Billion Dollar BabiesAlice Cooper2018-12-04Alice Cooper
SweetnessJimmy Eat World2018-11-27Jimmy Eat World
The MiddleJimmy Eat World2018-11-27Jimmy Eat World
Bleed AmericanJimmy Eat World2018-11-27Jimmy Eat World
Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerGene Autry2018-11-20Christmas Classics
Blue ChristmasElvis Presley2018-11-20Christmas Classics
Run, Rudolph, RunChuck Berry2018-11-20Christmas Classics
Rockin' Around the Christmas TreeBrenda Lee2018-11-20Christmas Classics
In A Big CountryBig Country2018-11-13Variety Pack XIX
Cissy StrutThe Meters2018-11-13Variety Pack XIX
Stir It UpBob Marley & The Wailers2018-11-13Variety Pack XIX
More Human Than HumanWhite Zombie2018-11-13Variety Pack XIX
Tie Your Mother DownQueen2018-11-06Queen II
We Will Rock YouQueen2018-11-06Queen II
Don't Stop Me NowQueen2018-11-06Queen II
Love of My LifeQueen2018-11-06Queen II
He IsGhost2018-10-30Ghost
Year ZeroGhost B.C.2018-10-30Ghost
Fallen AngelPoison2018-10-2380s Mix VI
Keep Your Hands to YourselfGeorgia Satellites2018-10-2380s Mix VI
Take On Mea-ha2018-10-2380s Mix VI
TicksBrad Paisley2018-10-16Brad Paisley
Mud on the TiresBrad Paisley2018-10-16Brad Paisley
Whiskey LullabyBrad Paisley Feat. Alison Krauss2018-10-16Brad Paisley
Green Grass & High TidesThe Outlaws2018-10-09Variety Pack XVIII
Surfin' SafariThe Beach Boys2018-10-09Variety Pack XVIII
Stay Together For The Kidsblink-1822018-10-09Variety Pack XVIII
GratitudeBeastie Boys2018-10-09Variety Pack XVIII
DisorderJoy Division2018-10-02Joy Division
TransmissionJoy Division2018-10-02Joy Division
Love Will Tear Us ApartJoy Division2018-10-02Joy Division
Ex's & Oh'sElle King2018-09-252010s Mix V
ParadiseColdplay2018-09-252010s Mix V
Red EyesThe War on Drugs2018-09-252010s Mix V
Say You'll Haunt MeStone Sour2018-09-18Stone Sour
BotherStone Sour2018-09-18Stone Sour
Absolute ZeroStone Sour2018-09-18Stone Sour
Christian WomanType O Negative2018-09-1190s Mix V
Summer SongJoe Satriani2018-09-1190s Mix V
UnsungHelmet2018-09-1190s Mix V
My Life Would Suck Without YouKelly Clarkson2018-09-04Kelly Clarkson
Behind These Hazel EyesKelly Clarkson2018-09-04Kelly Clarkson
Since U Been GoneKelly Clarkson2018-09-04Kelly Clarkson
Touch Of GreyGrateful Dead2018-08-28Variety Pack XVII
ChangesDavid Bowie2018-08-28Variety Pack XVII
MoviesAlien Ant Farm2018-08-28Variety Pack XVII
Stay (I Missed You)Lisa Loeb2018-08-28Variety Pack XVII
Bleeds No MoreSilverstein2018-08-21Silverstein
My HeroineSilverstein2018-08-21Silverstein
Smashed into PiecesSilverstein2018-08-21Silverstein
Smile in Your SleepSilverstein2018-08-21Silverstein
Back Door ManWillie Dixon2018-08-14Blues Song Pack II
West Coast BluesWes Montgomery2018-08-14Blues Song Pack II
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One BeerJohn Lee Hooker2018-08-14Blues Song Pack II
Black Smoke RisingGreta Van Fleet2018-08-07Greta Van Fleet
Safari SongGreta Van Fleet2018-08-07Greta Van Fleet
Highway TuneGreta Van Fleet2018-08-07Greta Van Fleet
The Ballad Of Clutch NixonThe Road Vikings2018-07-31Ubisoft Music
Blood Dragon Theme (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon)Power Glove2018-07-31Ubisoft Music
Ezio’s FamilyJesper Kyd2018-07-31Ubisoft Music
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Main ThemeBrian Tyler2018-07-31Ubisoft Music
Strategy and SpyingBilly Martin2018-07-31Ubisoft Music
Both Sides, NowJoni Mitchell2018-07-24Joni Mitchell
Big Yellow TaxiJoni Mitchell2018-07-24Joni Mitchell
A Case of YouJoni Mitchell2018-07-24Joni Mitchell
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)The Proclaimers2018-07-17Variety Pack XVI
This LovePantera2018-07-17Variety Pack XVI
Feeling GoodNina Simone2018-07-17Variety Pack XVI
Rebel RouserDuane Eddy2018-07-17Variety Pack XVI
Rock BoxRun-D.M.C.2018-07-10Run-DMC
It's TrickyRun-D.M.C.2018-07-10Run-DMC
King of RockRun-D.M.C.2018-07-10Run-DMC
Who Do You Love?George Thorogood2018-07-0370s Mix IV
Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)Buzzcocks2018-07-0370s Mix IV
Jungle LoveSteve Miller Band2018-07-0370s Mix IV
Bad ReputationJoan Jett2018-06-26Joan Jett
I Hate Myself For Loving YouJoan Jett & the Blackhearts2018-06-26Joan Jett
Crimson & CloverJoan Jett & the Blackhearts2018-06-26Joan Jett
There ThereRadiohead2018-06-19Radiohead II
Street Spirit (Fade Out)Radiohead2018-06-19Radiohead II
No SurprisesRadiohead2018-06-19Radiohead II
Bad GirlfriendTheory Of A Deadman2018-06-122000s Mix IV
DashboardModest Mouse2018-06-122000s Mix IV
Johnny, I Hardly Knew YaDropkick Murphys2018-06-122000s Mix IV
Baby BlueBadfinger2018-06-05Variety Pack XV
ApacheThe Shadows2018-06-05Variety Pack XV
BadU22018-06-05Variety Pack XV
In The MeantimeSpacehog2018-06-05Variety Pack XV
Don't Know WhyNorah Jones2018-05-29Norah Jones
SunriseNorah Jones2018-05-29Norah Jones
Come Away with MeNorah Jones2018-05-29Norah Jones
Souls Of BlackTestament2018-05-22Metal Mix
Transilvanian HungerDarkthrone2018-05-22Metal Mix
Immortal RitesMorbid Angel2018-05-22Metal Mix
All the Rage Back HomeInterpol2018-05-15Interpol
Obstacle 1Interpol2018-05-15Interpol
Too Much Time On My HandsStyx2018-05-0880s Mix V
Let's GrooveEarth, Wind & Fire2018-05-0880s Mix V
Lonely Is The NightBilly Squier2018-05-0880s Mix V
Suddenly I SeeKT Tunstall2018-05-01KT Tunstall
Other Side of the WorldKT Tunstall2018-05-01KT Tunstall
Black Horse and the Cherry TreeKT Tunstall2018-05-01KT Tunstall
Volcano GirlsVeruca Salt2018-04-2490s Mix IV
You Get What You GiveNew Radicals2018-04-2490s Mix IV
Keep AwayGodsmack2018-04-2490s Mix IV
The Bartender and the ThiefStereophonics2018-04-17Stereophonics
Maybe TomorrowStereophonics2018-04-17Stereophonics
AmiePure Prairie League2018-04-10Variety Pack XIV
I Write Sins Not TragediesPanic! at the Disco2018-04-10Variety Pack XIV
Your LoveThe Outfield2018-04-10Variety Pack XIV
Hunger StrikeTemple of the Dog2018-04-10Variety Pack XIV
MurmaiderDethklok2018-04-03Dethklok II
BloodlinesDethklok2018-04-03Dethklok II
Black Fire Upon UsDethklok2018-04-03Dethklok II
My Favourite GameThe Cardigans2018-03-27The Cardigans
LovefoolThe Cardigans2018-03-27The Cardigans
Erase/RewindThe Cardigans2018-03-27The Cardigans
What You KnowTwo Door Cinema Club2018-03-202010s Mix IV
Hold Back the RiverJames Bay2018-03-202010s Mix IV
PompeiiBastille2018-03-202010s Mix IV
I Predict A RiotKaiser Chiefs2018-03-13Kaiser Chiefs
RubyKaiser Chiefs2018-03-13Kaiser Chiefs
Never Miss a BeatKaiser Chiefs2018-03-13Kaiser Chiefs
That Don't Impress Me MuchShania Twain2018-03-06Shania Twain
Man! I Feel Like a Woman!Shania Twain2018-03-06Shania Twain
You're Still the OneShania Twain2018-03-06Shania Twain
Get TogetherThe Youngbloods2018-02-2760s Mix III
Games People PlayJoe South2018-02-2760s Mix III
HushDeep Purple2018-02-2760s Mix III
Face DownThe Red Jumpsuit Apparatus2018-02-20Variety Pack XIII
Runaway TrainSoul Asylum2018-02-20Variety Pack XIII
Bad to the BoneGeorge Thorogood2018-02-20Variety Pack XIII
Only the Good Die YoungBilly Joel2018-02-20Variety Pack XIII
In WavesTrivium2018-02-13Trivium
Built To FallTrivium2018-02-13Trivium
Bad RomanceLady Gaga2018-02-06Lady Gaga
Poker FaceLady Gaga2018-02-06Lady Gaga
Yoü And ILady Gaga2018-02-06Lady Gaga
PaparazziLady Gaga2018-02-06Lady Gaga
AqualungJethro Tull2018-01-3070s Mix III
We're An American BandGrand Funk Railroad2018-01-3070s Mix III
Radar LoveGolden Earring2018-01-3070s Mix III
Little Lion ManMumford & Sons2018-01-23Mumford & Sons
I Will WaitMumford & Sons2018-01-23Mumford & Sons
The CaveMumford & Sons2018-01-23Mumford & Sons
Welcome To ParadiseGreen Day2018-01-16Green Day III
Know Your EnemyGreen Day2018-01-16Green Day III
Jesus of SuburbiaGreen Day2018-01-16Green Day III
HolidayGreen Day2018-01-16Green Day III
Boulevard Of Broken DreamsGreen Day2018-01-16Green Day III
Ain't It FunParamore2018-01-09Paramore
Brick by Boring BrickParamore2018-01-09Paramore
Still Into YouParamore2018-01-09Paramore
The Only ExceptionParamore2018-01-09Paramore
JacksonJohnny Cash & June Carter2017-12-19Johnny Cash I
Big RiverJohnny Cash2017-12-19Johnny Cash I
Folsom Prison BluesJohnny Cash2017-12-19Johnny Cash I
Give My Love To RoseJohnny Cash2017-12-19Johnny Cash I
Sunday Mornin' Comin' DownJohnny Cash2017-12-19Johnny Cash II
Cry! Cry! Cry!Johnny Cash2017-12-19Johnny Cash II
Get RhythmJohnny Cash2017-12-19Johnny Cash II
Ring Of FireJohnny Cash2017-12-19Johnny Cash II
Hey PorterJohnny Cash2017-12-19Johnny Cash I
I Walk The LineJohnny Cash2017-12-19Johnny Cash II
Down In A HoleAlice in Chains2017-12-12Alice in Chains II
Heaven Beside YouAlice in Chains2017-12-12Alice in Chains II
NutshellAlice in Chains2017-12-12Alice in Chains II
RoosterAlice in Chains2017-12-12Alice in Chains II
No ExcusesAlice in Chains2017-12-12Alice in Chains II
Take the Money and RunSteve Miller Band2017-12-05Steve Miller Band
Rock'n MeSteve Miller Band2017-12-05Steve Miller Band
Jet AirlinerSteve Miller Band2017-12-05Steve Miller Band
Fly Like an EagleSteve Miller Band2017-12-05Steve Miller Band
The JokerSteve Miller Band2017-12-05Steve Miller Band
Wizards in WinterTrans-Siberian Orchestra2017-11-28Trans-Siberian Orchestra
O Come All Ye Faithful / O Holy NightTrans-Siberian Orchestra2017-11-28Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24Trans-Siberian Orchestra2017-11-28Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Canon RockTrans-Siberian Orchestra2017-11-28Trans-Siberian Orchestra
A Mad Russian's ChristmasTrans-Siberian Orchestra2017-11-28Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Mz. HydeHalestorm2017-11-21Halestorm Song Pack
I Miss the MiseryHalestorm2017-11-21Halestorm Song Pack
I Get OffHalestorm2017-11-21Halestorm Song Pack
I'll Stand By YouThe Pretenders2017-11-14The Pretenders
Don't Get Me WrongThe Pretenders2017-11-14The Pretenders
Brass In PocketThe Pretenders2017-11-14The Pretenders
Back on the Chain GangThe Pretenders2017-11-14The Pretenders
Middle of the RoadThe Pretenders2017-11-14The Pretenders
Stickin' In My EyeNOFX2017-11-07NOFX
Seeing Double At the Triple RockNOFX2017-11-07NOFX
The Pursuit Of VikingsAmon Amarth2017-10-31Amon Amarth
Twilight Of The Thunder GodAmon Amarth2017-10-31Amon Amarth
Death In FireAmon Amarth2017-10-31Amon Amarth
War Of The GodsAmon Amarth2017-10-31Amon Amarth
Guardians of AsgaardAmon Amarth2017-10-31Amon Amarth
Down Under (2012)Colin Hay of Men At Work2017-10-24Variety Pack XII
Send Me On My WayRusted Root2017-10-24Variety Pack XII
Through The Fire and FlamesDragonForce2017-10-24Variety Pack XII
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)Elton John2017-10-24Variety Pack XII
You Ain't Seen Nothing YetBachman-Turner Overdrive2017-10-17Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Takin' Care of BusinessBachman-Turner Overdrive2017-10-17Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Let It RideBachman-Turner Overdrive2017-10-17Bachman-Turner Overdrive
BreakawayKelly Clarkson2017-10-102000s Mix III
Lips of an AngelHinder2017-10-102000s Mix III
The FuneralBand of Horses2017-10-102000s Mix III
Reach Out I’ll Be ThereFour Tops2017-10-03Four Tops
I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)Four Tops2017-10-03Four Tops
It's The Same Old SongFour Tops2017-10-03Four Tops
BernadetteFour Tops2017-10-03Four Tops
Tainted LoveMarilyn Manson2017-09-26Rockin' Covers
Careless WhisperSeether2017-09-26Rockin' Covers
Bad RomanceHalestorm2017-09-26Rockin' Covers
99 Red BalloonsGoldfinger2017-09-26Rockin' Covers
Stare at The SunThrice2017-09-19Thrice
The Artist in the AmbulanceThrice2017-09-19Thrice
Higher LoveSteve Winwood2017-09-1280s Mix IV
Lay It DownRatt2017-09-1280s Mix IV
Hip To Be SquareHuey Lewis & The News2017-09-1280s Mix IV
Be Like That3 Doors Down2017-09-053 Doors Down II
Let Me Go3 Doors Down2017-09-053 Doors Down II
Away from the Sun3 Doors Down2017-09-053 Doors Down II
Here Without You3 Doors Down2017-09-053 Doors Down II
It's Not My Time3 Doors Down2017-09-053 Doors Down II
Your EyesBombay Bicycle Club2017-08-29Variety Pack XI
She Don't Use JellyThe Flaming Lips2017-08-29Variety Pack XI
This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)Escape The Fate2017-08-29Variety Pack XI
All My Ex’s Live in TexasGeorge Strait2017-08-29Variety Pack XI
Too Much, Too Young, Too FastAirbourne2017-08-22Airbourne
Blonde, Bad and BeautifulAirbourne2017-08-22Airbourne
Runnin' WildAirbourne2017-08-22Airbourne
Honey BeeMuddy Waters2017-08-15Muddy Waters
I Can't Be SatisfiedMuddy Waters2017-08-15Muddy Waters
Mannish BoyMuddy Waters2017-08-15Muddy Waters
Still A FoolMuddy Waters2017-08-15Muddy Waters
45The Gaslight Anthem2017-08-082010s Mix III
Let Her GoPassenger2017-08-082010s Mix III
Can You Feel My HeartBring Me The Horizon2017-08-082010s Mix III
Last Train to ClarksvilleThe Monkees2017-08-01The Monkees
Pleasant Valley SundayThe Monkees2017-08-01The Monkees
ValleriThe Monkees2017-08-01The Monkees
Coma WhiteMarilyn Manson2017-07-25Marilyn Manson
TourniquetMarilyn Manson2017-07-25Marilyn Manson
The Beautiful PeopleMarilyn Manson2017-07-25Marilyn Manson
Life is a HighwayTom Cochrane2017-07-1890s Mix III
AlrightSupergrass2017-07-1890s Mix III
Little Miss Can't Be WrongSpin Doctors2017-07-1890s Mix III
You Only Live OnceThe Strokes2017-07-11The Strokes II
Taken For A FoolThe Strokes2017-07-11The Strokes II
12:51The Strokes2017-07-11The Strokes II
SomedayThe Strokes2017-07-11The Strokes II
Cowboy SongThin Lizzy2017-07-0570s Mix II
Do You Feel Like We DoPeter Frampton2017-07-0570s Mix II
Time In A BottleJim Croce2017-07-0570s Mix II
Don't Wanna FightAlabama Shakes2017-06-27Alabama Shakes
Always AlrightAlabama Shakes2017-06-27Alabama Shakes
Hold OnAlabama Shakes2017-06-27Alabama Shakes
Gimme All Your LoveAlabama Shakes2017-06-27Alabama Shakes
Mouth For WarPantera2017-06-20Variety Pack X
Lick It UpKiss2017-06-20Variety Pack X
Bad ThingsJace Everett2017-06-20Variety Pack X
Los AngelesX2017-06-20Variety Pack X
All Over YouLive2017-06-13Live
I AloneLive2017-06-13Live
Lightning CrashesLive2017-06-13Live
The Dolphin's CryLive2017-06-13Live
Selling The DramaLive2017-06-13Live
Surfin' U.S.A.The Beach Boys2017-06-06Surf Rock II
PipelineThe Chantays2017-06-06Surf Rock II
Surf RiderThe Lively Ones2017-06-06Surf Rock II
PenetrationThe Pyramids2017-06-06Surf Rock II
Hit or MissNew Found Glory2017-05-30New Found Glory
All Downhill from HereNew Found Glory2017-05-30New Found Glory
My Friends Over YouNew Found Glory2017-05-30New Found Glory
Take It On The RunREO Speedwagon2017-05-2380s Mix III
I Want It AllQueen2017-05-2380s Mix III
Rise AboveBlack Flag2017-05-2380s Mix III
Friend of the DevilGrateful Dead2017-05-16Grateful Dead
Casey JonesGrateful Dead2017-05-16Grateful Dead
Truckin'Grateful Dead2017-05-16Grateful Dead
Sugar MagnoliaGrateful Dead2017-05-16Grateful Dead
Uncle John's BandGrateful Dead2017-05-16Grateful Dead
My Favorite MistakeSheryl Crow2017-05-09Sheryl Crow
Soak Up The SunSheryl Crow2017-05-09Sheryl Crow
If It Makes You HappySheryl Crow2017-05-09Sheryl Crow
Hooked On A FeelingBlue Swede2017-05-02Mix Tape Song Pack
Go All The WayRaspberries2017-05-02Mix Tape Song Pack
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughMarvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell2017-05-02Mix Tape Song Pack
Come And Get Your LoveRedbone2017-05-02Mix Tape Song Pack
Moonage DaydreamDavid Bowie2017-05-02Mix Tape Song Pack
Figure It OutRoyal Blood2017-04-25Royal Blood
Out of the BlackRoyal Blood2017-04-25Royal Blood
Little MonsterRoyal Blood2017-04-25Royal Blood
Is This LoveBob Marley & the Wailers2017-04-18Bob Marley and the Wailers
Could You Be LovedBob Marley & the Wailers2017-04-18Bob Marley and the Wailers
Redemption SongBob Marley & the Wailers2017-04-18Bob Marley and the Wailers
Buffalo SoldierBob Marley & the Wailers2017-04-18Bob Marley and the Wailers
No Woman, No CryBob Marley & the Wailers2017-04-18Bob Marley and the Wailers
All Mixed Up3112017-04-11Variety Pack IX
Banana PancakesJack Johnson2017-04-11Variety Pack IX
Surfing with the AlienJoe Satriani2017-04-11Variety Pack IX
Let It GoJames Bay2017-04-11Variety Pack IX
Yellow LedbetterPearl Jam2017-04-04Pearl Jam II
Even FlowPearl Jam2017-04-04Pearl Jam II
RearviewmirrorPearl Jam2017-04-04Pearl Jam II
Last ExitPearl Jam2017-04-04Pearl Jam II
Do the EvolutionPearl Jam2017-04-04Pearl Jam II
When Worlds CollidePowerman 50002017-03-28Skater Rock Song Pack
No CigarMillencolin2017-03-28Skater Rock Song Pack
May 16Lagwagon2017-03-28Skater Rock Song Pack
SupermanGoldfinger2017-03-28Skater Rock Song Pack
YouBad Religion2017-03-28Skater Rock Song Pack
Slave to the GrindSkid Row2017-03-21Skid Row
I Remember YouSkid Row2017-03-21Skid Row
Monkey BusinessSkid Row2017-03-21Skid Row
Youth Gone WildSkid Row2017-03-21Skid Row
18 and LifeSkid Row2017-03-21Skid Row
If You Could Only SeeTonic2017-03-1490s Mix II Song Pack
VioletHole2017-03-1490s Mix II Song Pack
Inside OutEve 62017-03-1490s Mix II Song Pack
When You're GoneAvril Lavigne2017-03-07Avril Lavigne
I'm With YouAvril Lavigne2017-03-07Avril Lavigne
My Happy EndingAvril Lavigne2017-03-07Avril Lavigne
ComplicatedAvril Lavigne2017-03-07Avril Lavigne
Sk8er BoiAvril Lavigne2017-03-07Avril Lavigne
Far BehindCandlebox2017-02-28Variety Pack VIII
UnderdogKasabian2017-02-28Variety Pack VIII
Everybody Wants to Rule the WorldTears For Fears2017-02-28Variety Pack VIII
Magic Carpet RideSteppenwolf2017-02-28Variety Pack VIII
No Sleep Till BrooklynBeastie Boys2017-02-21Beastie Boys
SabotageBeastie Boys2017-02-21Beastie Boys
FIght For Your RightBeastie Boys2017-02-21Beastie Boys
The ScientistColdplay2017-02-14Coldplay
Viva La VidaColdplay2017-02-14Coldplay
In My PlaceColdplay2017-02-14Coldplay
Fix YouColdplay2017-02-14Coldplay
I Wanna RockTwisted Sister2017-02-0780s Mix II Song Pack
Don't You (Forget About Me)Simple Minds2017-02-0780s Mix II Song Pack
FootlooseKenny Loggins2017-02-0780s Mix II Song Pack
Everybody's FoolEvanescence2017-01-31Evanescence
Going UnderEvanescence2017-01-31Evanescence
My ImmortalEvanescence2017-01-31Evanescence
Wherever You WIll GoThe Calling2017-01-24Variety Pack VII
Take The Power BackRage Against The Machine2017-01-24Variety Pack VII
Counting StarsOneRepublic2017-01-24Variety Pack VII
I Melt With YouModern English2017-01-24Variety Pack VII
Feeling Thisblink-1822017-01-17blink-182 II
The Rock Showblink-1822017-01-17blink-182 II
I Miss Youblink-1822017-01-17blink-182 II
First Dateblink-1822017-01-17blink-182 II
Adam's Songblink-1822017-01-17blink-182 II
Green OnionsBooker T. & The M.G.'s2017-01-1060s Mix II Pack
Somebody To LoveJefferson Airplane2017-01-1060s Mix II Pack
California Dreamin'The Mamas & the Papas2017-01-1060s Mix II Pack
With Or Without YouU22017-01-03U2
Beautiful DayU22017-01-03U2
Where The Streets Have No NameU22017-01-03U2
Sunday Bloody SundayU22017-01-03U2
Wake me Up When September EndsGreen Day2016-12-20Green Day II
21 GunsGreen Day2016-12-20Green Day II
LongviewGreen Day2016-12-20Green Day II
Bang BangGreen Day2016-12-20Green Day II
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)Green Day2016-12-20Green Day II
Proud MaryCreedence Clearwater Revival2016-12-13Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bad Moon RisingCreedence Clearwater Revival2016-12-13Creedence Clearwater Revival
Fortunate SonCreedence Clearwater Revival2016-12-13Creedence Clearwater Revival
Hey JealousyGin Blossoms2016-12-06Variety Pack VI
Suffragette CityDavid Bowie2016-12-06Variety Pack VI
Stray Cat StrutBrian Setzer2016-12-06Variety Pack VI
F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.The Fall of Troy2016-12-06Variety Pack VI
Semi-Charmed LifeThird Eye Blind2016-11-29Third Eye Blind
JumperThird Eye Blind2016-11-29Third Eye Blind
Never Let You GoThird Eye Blind2016-11-29Third Eye Blind
How's It Going To BeThird Eye Blind2016-11-29Third Eye Blind
Shut Up and DanceWALK THE MOON2016-11-222010s II Mix Pack
In The EndBlack Veil Brides2016-11-222010s II Mix Pack
SailAWOLNATION2016-11-222010s II Mix Pack
Texas FloodStevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble2016-11-15Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Scuttle ButtinStevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble2016-11-15Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Cold ShotStevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble2016-11-15Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Pride and JoyStevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble2016-11-15Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Couldn't Stand The WeatherStevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble2016-11-15Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Burning HeartSurvivor2016-11-08UBI30: 1986 Song pack
Addicted to LoveRobert Palmer2016-11-08UBI30: 1986 Song pack
Talk Dirty To MePoison2016-11-08UBI30: 1986 Song pack
Danger ZoneKenny Loggins2016-11-08UBI30: 1986 Song pack
Nobody's FoolCinderella2016-11-08UBI30: 1986 Song pack
Search and DestroyIggy and The Stooges2016-11-01Variety Pack V
Sex and CandyMarcy Playground2016-11-01Variety Pack V
Eyes of a PantherSteel Panther2016-11-01Variety Pack V
The Ballad of Mona LisaPanic! At The Disco2016-11-01Variety Pack V
SuperbeastRob Zombie2016-10-25Zombie Pack
DragulaRob Zombie2016-10-25Zombie Pack
Living Dead GirlRob Zombie2016-10-25Zombie Pack
Black SunshineWhite Zombie2016-10-25Zombie Pack
Heart of the SunriseYes2016-10-18Yes
Starship TrooperYes2016-10-18Yes
I've Seen All Good PeopleYes2016-10-18Yes
Owner of a Lonely HeartYes2016-10-18Yes
Simple ManShinedown2016-10-112000s Mix II Pack
ColdCrossfade2016-10-112000s Mix II Pack
How To Save A LifeThe Fray2016-10-112000s Mix II Pack
Hey Ya!Outkast2016-10-04Anniversary Song Pack
Three Little BirdsBob Marley & the Wailers2016-10-04Anniversary Song Pack
Drops of JupiterTrain2016-10-04Anniversary Song Pack
Some Nightsfun.2016-10-04Anniversary Song Pack
I Want You BackJackson 52016-10-04Anniversary Song Pack
Suspicious MindsElvis Presley2016-10-04Anniversary Song Pack
Pull Me UnderDream Theater2016-09-27Dream Theater
Metropolis Part I: "The Miracle and the Sleeper"Dream Theater2016-09-27Dream Theater
On The Backs Of AngelsDream Theater2016-09-27Dream Theater
Last CaressMisfits2016-09-20The Misfits
Where Eagles DareMisfits2016-09-20The Misfits
HalloweenMisfits2016-09-20The Misfits
Die, Die My DarlingMisfits2016-09-20The Misfits
Refuse/ResistSepultura2016-09-13Variety Pack IV
Never Going Back AgainFleetwood Mac2016-09-13Variety Pack IV
I Ran (So Far Away)A Flock of Seagulls2016-09-13Variety Pack IV
I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?A Day To Remember2016-09-13Variety Pack IV
It's Been AwhileStaind2016-09-06Staind
So Far AwayStaind2016-09-06Staind
I Fought The LawThe Clash2016-08-3070s Mix Pack
Little Green BagGeorge Baker Selection2016-08-3070s Mix Pack
EmeraldThin Lizzy2016-08-3070s Mix Pack
Working ManRush2016-08-23Rush II
FreewillRush2016-08-23Rush II
La Villa StrangiatoRush2016-08-23Rush II
Fly By NightRush2016-08-23Rush II
Closer To The HeartRush2016-08-23Rush II
Sweater WeatherThe Neighbourhood2016-08-162010s Mix Pack
Burn Nice and Slow (The Formative Years)Hail The Sun2016-08-162010s Mix Pack
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)Fall Out Boy2016-08-16 2010s Mix Pack
American JesusBad Religion
2016-08-09Bad Religion
InfectedBad Religion2016-08-09Bad Religion
SorrowBad Religion2016-08-09Bad Religion
21st Century (Digital Boy)Bad Religion2016-08-09Bad Religion
5 Minutes AlonePantera2016-08-02Variety Pack III
Always With Me, Always With YouJoe Satriani2016-08-02Variety Pack III
Chelsea DaggerThe Fratellis2016-08-02Variety Pack III
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)Styx2016-08-02Variety Pack III
Monkey Gone To HeavenPixies2016-07-26Pixies
Wave of MutilationPixies2016-07-26Pixies
White RabbitJefferson Airplane2016-07-1960s Mix Pack
Love Me Two TimesThe Doors2016-07-1960s Mix Pack
VenusShocking Blue2016-07-1960s Mix Pack
Fully AliveFlyleaf2016-07-12Flyleaf
Nine in the AfternoonPanic! At The Disco2016-07-052000s Mix Pack
Selkies: The Endless ObsessionBetween The Buried and Me2016-07-052000s Mix Pack
Thrash UnrealAgainst Me!2016-07-052000s Mix Pack
Only In AmericaBrooks & Dunn2016-06-28Independence Day Song Pack
The Star-Spangled Banner/4th of July RepriseBoston2016-06-28Independence Day Song Pack
American PieDon McLean2016-06-28Independence Day Song Pack
Living In AmericaJames Brown2016-06-28Independence Day Song Pack
DriveIncubus2016-06-21Incubus II
Pardon MeIncubus2016-06-21Incubus II
MegalomaniacIncubus2016-06-21Incubus II
StellarIncubus2016-06-21Incubus II
Save TonightEagle-Eye Cherry2016-06-13Variety Pack II
Under PressureQueen and David Bowie 2016-06-13Variety Pack II
Right NowSR-71 2016-06-13Variety Pack II
The GamblerKenny Rogers2016-06-13Variety Pack II
The RiverGood Charlotte2016-06-07Good Charlotte
Lifestyles Of The Rich And FamousGood Charlotte2016-06-07Good Charlotte
The AnthemGood Charlotte2016-06-07Good Charlotte
Girls & BoysGood Charlotte
2016-06-07Good Charlotte
I Just Wanna LiveGood Charlotte2016-06-07Good Charlotte
BeerReel Big Fish2016-05-3190s Mix Song Pack
Hey Man, Nice ShotFilter2016-05-3190s Mix Song Pack
Santa MonicaEverclear2016-05-3190s Mix Song Pack
The RedChevelle2016-05-24Chevelle
Hats Off to the BullChevelle2016-05-24Chevelle
Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)Chevelle2016-05-24Chevelle
I Don't Believe in LoveQueensrÿche2016-05-17Queensrÿche
Jet City WomanQueensrÿche2016-05-17Queensrÿche
Eyes Of A StrangerQueensrÿche2016-05-17Queensrÿche
Little TalksOf Monsters and Men2016-05-10Variety Song Pack
Hair of the DogNazareth2016-05-10Variety Song Pack
NemesisArch Enemy2016-05-10Variety Song Pack
PeachesThe Presidents of The United States of America2016-05-10Variety Song Pack
Re-Education (Through Labor)Rise Against2016-05-03Rise Against II
Help Is on The WayRise Against2016-05-03Rise Against II
Ready To FallRise Against2016-05-03Rise Against II
Audience of OneRise Against2016-05-03Rise Against II
Paper WingsRise Against2016-05-03Rise Against II
Legend of The Spaceborne KillerCrobot2016-04-26Crobot
Fly On The WallCrobot2016-04-26Crobot
Nowhere to HideCrobot2016-04-26Crobot
Play With meExtreme2016-04-1980s Mix Song Pack
Girl U WantDevo2016-04-1980s Mix Song Pack
Electric EyeJudas Priest2016-04-1980s Mix Song Pack
StrickenDisturbed2016-04-12Disturbed II
Ten Thousand FistsDisturbed2016-04-12Disturbed II
The NightDisturbed2016-04-12Disturbed II
Inside The FireDisturbed2016-04-12Disturbed II
IndestructibleDisturbed2016-04-12Disturbed II
OverlordBlack Label Society2016-04-05Black Label Society
Suicide MessiahBlack Label Society2016-04-05Black Label Society
StillbornBlack Label Society2016-04-05Black Label Society
Summertime BluesEddie Cochran 2016-03-29Hit Singles V
Free RideEdgar Winter 2016-03-29Hit Singles V
My Best Friend's GirlThe Cars2016-03-29Hit Singles V
The ReasonHoobastank 2016-03-29Hit Singles V
DemonsImagine Dragons2016-03-22Imagine Dragons
RadioactiveImagine Dragons2016-03-22Imagine Dragons
It's TimeImagine Dragons2016-03-22Imagine Dragons
ShineCollective Soul2016-03-15Collective Soul
HeavyCollective Soul2016-03-15Collective Soul
GelCollective Soul2016-03-15Collective Soul
The World I KnowCollective Soul2016-03-15Collective Soul
DecemberCollective Soul2016-03-15Collective Soul
Heaven KnowsThe Pretty Reckless2016-03-08Women Who Rock Song Pack
Take It OffThe Donnas2016-03-08Women Who Rock Song Pack
Celebrity SkinHole2016-03-08Women Who Rock Song Pack
I'm So SickFlyleaf2016-03-08Women Who Rock Song Pack
Cherry BombThe Runaways2016-03-08Women Who Rock Song Pack
Batman - ThemeThe Notetrackers2016-03-01Rocksmith Goes to the Movies
Back to the FutureThe Notetrackers2016-03-01Rocksmith Goes to the Movies
Jurassic Park - ThemeThe Notetrackers2016-03-01Rocksmith Goes to the Movies
Superman - Main TitleThe Notetrackers2016-03-01Rocksmith Goes to the Movies
A Knife In The DarkThe Notetrackers2016-03-01Rocksmith Goes to the Movies
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)My Chemical Romance2016-02-23My Chemical Romance II
HelenaMy Chemical Romance2016-02-23My Chemical Romance II
Dead!My Chemical Romance2016-02-23My Chemical Romance II
TeenagersMy Chemical Romance2016-02-23My Chemical Romance II
Famous Last WordsMy Chemical Romance2016-02-23My Chemical Romance II
BadfishSublime2016-02-16Hit Singles IV Song Pack
Working For The WeekendLoverboy2016-02-16Hit Singles IV Song Pack
Long Train Runnin'Doobie Brothers2016-02-16Hit Singles IV Song Pack
The OutsiderA Perfect Circle2016-02-16Hit Singles IV Song Pack
You Make My DreamsDaryl Hall and John Oates2016-02-09Valentines Day Song Pack
Kiss MeSixpence None the Richer2016-02-09Valentines Day Song Pack
RosannaToto2016-02-09Valentines Day Song Pack
All For YouSister Hazel2016-02-09Valentines Day Song Pack
Want You BadThe Offspring2016-02-02The Offspring II
All I WantThe Offspring2016-02-02The Offspring II
Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)The Offspring2016-02-02The Offspring II
The Kids Aren't AlrightThe Offspring2016-02-02The Offspring II
You're Gonna Go Far, KidThe Offspring2016-02-02The Offspring II
Caught Up In You38 Special2016-01-2638 Special Song Pack
Hold On Loosely38 Special2016-01-2638 Special Song Pack
Rockin' Into The Night38 Special2016-01-2638 Special Song Pack
TrustMegadeth2016-01-19Megadeth II Song Pack
Peace SellsMegadeth2016-01-19Megadeth II Song Pack
A Tout Le MondeMegadeth2016-01-19Megadeth II Song Pack
Tornado Of SoulsMegadeth2016-01-19Megadeth II Song Pack
Holy Wars... The Punishment DueMegadeth2016-01-19Megadeth II Song Pack
Kings and QueensThirty Seconds To Mars2016-01-12Thirty Seconds To Mars
Closer to the EdgeThirty Seconds To Mars2016-01-12Thirty Seconds To Mars
From YesterdayThirty Seconds To Mars2016-01-12Thirty Seconds To Mars
This is WarThirty Seconds To Mars2016-01-12Thirty Seconds To Mars
The KillThirty Seconds To Mars2016-01-12Thirty Seconds To Mars
WomanWolfmother2016-01-05Hit Singles III
Play That Funky MusicWild Cherry2016-01-05Hit Singles III
Closing TimeSemisonic2016-01-05Hit Singles III
Heat Of The MomentAsia2016-01-05Hit Singles III
CreepStone Temple Pilots
2015-12-22Stone Temple Pilots Song Pack
Interstate Love SongStone Temple Pilots2015-12-22Stone Temple Pilots Song Pack
Sex Type ThingStone Temple Pilots2015-12-22Stone Temple Pilots Song Pack
PlushStone Temple Pilots2015-12-22Stone Temple Pilots Song Pack
Big EmptyStone Temple Pilots2015-12-22Stone Temple Pilots Song Pack
Wicked GardenStone Temple Pilots2015-12-22Stone Temple Pilots Song Pack
Shout at the DevilMötley Crüe2015-12-15Mötley Crüe
Dr. FeelgoodMötley Crüe2015-12-15Mötley Crüe
Girls, Girls, GirlsMötley Crüe2015-12-15Mötley Crüe
Home Sweet HomeMötley Crüe2015-12-15Mötley Crüe
Kickstart My HeartMötley Crüe2015-12-15Mötley Crüe
The MetalTenacious D2015-12-08Tenacious D Song Pack
Master ExploderTenacious D2015-12-08Tenacious D Song Pack
TributeTenacious D2015-12-08Tenacious D Song Pack
MonsterSkillet2015-12-01Skillet Song Pack
Awake and AliveSkillet2015-12-01Skillet Song Pack
HeroSkillet2015-12-01Skillet Song Pack
Must Be ChristmasBand of Merrymakers2015-12-01Band of Merrymakers (Singles)
Joy to the WorldBand of Merrymakers2015-12-01Band of Merrymakers (Singles)
Little Black SubmarineBlack Keys2015-11-24The Black Keys II
Lonely BoyThe Black Keys2015-11-24The Black Keys II
Howlin' For YouThe Black Keys2015-11-24The Black Keys II
Your TouchThe Black Keys2015-11-24The Black Keys II
thickfreaknessThe Black Keys2015-11-24The Black Keys II
Symphony No. 40Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 2015-11-17Bachsmith II
Notecracker MedleyPyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky2015-11-17Bachsmith II
Ode to JoyLudwig van Beethoven 2015-11-17Bachsmith II
The Can-CanJacques Offenbach 2015-11-17Bachsmith II
Funeral MarchFrédéric Chopin 2015-11-17Bachsmith II
Time BombRancid2015-11-10Rancid Song Pack
Fall Back DownRancid2015-11-10Rancid Song Pack
Maxwell MurderRancid2015-11-10Rancid Song Pack
Ruby SohoRancid2015-11-10Rancid Song Pack
Slow RideFoghat2015-11-03Hit Singles II Song Pack
HysteriaDef Leppard2015-11-03Hit Singles II Song Pack
Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie2015-11-03Hit Singles II Song Pack
Joker and the ThiefWolfmother2015-11-03Hit Singles II Song Pack
Dead Man's PartyOingo Boingo2015-10-27Spooktacular Singles Song Pack
Killed by DeathMotörhead2015-10-27Spooktacular Singles Song Pack
Hocus PocusFocus2015-10-27Spooktacular Singles Song Pack
Devil On My ShoulderBilly Talent2015-10-27Spooktacular Singles Song Pack
Dear Maria, Count Me InAll Time Low2015-10-20All Time Low Song Pack
WeightlessAll Time Low2015-10-20All Time Low Song Pack
Somewhere in NeverlandAll Time Low2015-10-20All Time Low Song Pack
Love GunKISS2015-10-13KISS Song Pack II
StrutterKISS2015-10-13KISS Song Pack II
God Of ThunderKISS2015-10-13KISS Song Pack II
Sloe GinJoe Bonamassa2015-10-06Blues Rock Song Pack
Out Of My MindPhilip Sayce2015-10-06Blues Rock Song Pack
Blue On BlackKenny Wayne Shepherd2015-10-06Blues Rock Song Pack
On The Road AgainWillie Nelson2015-6-30Classic Country Song Pack
I'm So Lonesome I Could CryHank Williams2015-6-30Classic Country Song Pack
King of The RoadRoger Miller2015-6-30Classic Country Song Pack
The Quiet Things That No One Ever KnowsBrand New2015-09-29Brand New Song Pack
Sic Transit Gloria...Glory FadesBrand New2015-09-29Brand New Song Pack
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don'tBrand New2015-09-29Brand New Song Pack
Blow Me Away (ft. Valora)Breaking Benjamin2015-09-22Breaking Benjamin Song Pack
PolyamorousBreaking Benjamin2015-09-22Breaking Benjamin Song Pack
So ColdBreaking Benjamin2015-09-22Breaking Benjamin Song Pack
L.A. WomanThe Doors2015-09-15The Doors Song Pack II
Break On Through (To the Other Side)The Doors2015-09-15The Doors Song Pack II
People Are StrangeThe Doors2015-09-15The Doors Song Pack II
Gives You HellThe All-American Rejects2015-09-08The All-American Rejects Song Pack
Dirty Little SecretThe All-American Rejects2015-09-08The All-American Rejects Song Pack
Move AlongThe All-American Rejects2015-09-08The All-American Rejects Song Pack
SeptemberEarth, Wind & Fire2015-09-01Earth, Wind & Fire Song Pack
Shining StarEarth, Wind & Fire2015-09-01Earth, Wind & Fire Song Pack
Sing A SongEarth, Wind & Fire2015-09-01Earth, Wind & Fire Song Pack
Love SpreadsThe Stone Roses2015-08-25The Stone Roses Song Pack
She Bangs the DrumsThe Stone Roses2015-08-25The Stone Roses Song Pack
I Wanna Be AdoredThe Stone Roses2015-08-25The Stone Roses Song Pack
Go Your Own WayFleetwood Mac2015-08-18Hit Singles Song Pack
Rock of AgesDef Leppard2015-08-18Hit Singles Song Pack
Are You Gonna Be My GirlJet2015-08-18Hit Singles Song Pack
Dust In The WindKansas2015-08-18Hit Singles Song Pack
Reach for the SkySocial Distortion2015-08-11Social Distortion Song Pack
Story of My LifeSocial Distortion2015-08-11Social Distortion Song Pack
Ball and ChainSocial Distortion2015-08-11Social Distortion Song Pack
Bad LuckSocial Distortion2015-08-11Social Distortion Song Pack
TequilaThe Champs2015-08-041950's Song Pack
La BambaRitchie Valens2015-08-041950's Song Pack
Rock Around The ClockBill Haley & His Comets2015-08-041950's Song Pack
Falling to PiecesFaith No More2015-07-28Faith No More Song Pack
Digging the GraveFaith No More2015-07-28Faith No More Song Pack
EpicFaith No More2015-07-28Faith No More Song Pack
Midlife CrisisFaith No More2015-07-28Faith No More Song Pack
From Out of NowhereFaith No More2015-07-28Faith No More Song Pack
Silent LucidityQueensrÿche2015-07-20Regal Singles Song Pack
Rock and Roll QueenThe Subways2015-07-20Regal Singles Song Pack
Possum KingdomToadies2015-07-20Regal Singles Song Pack
Sir DukeStevie Wonder2015-07-20Regal Singles Song Pack
Another One Bites the DustQueen2015-07-20Regal Singles Song Pack
Gimme Three StepsLynyrd Skynyrd2015-07-14Lynyrd Skynyrd Song Pack
Tuesday's GoneLynyrd Skynyrd2015-07-14Lynyrd Skynyrd Song Pack
Call Me The BreezeLynyrd Skynyrd2015-07-14Lynyrd Skynyrd Song Pack
Still CountingVolbeat2015-07-07Volbeat Song Pack
Lola MontezVolbeat2015-07-07Volbeat Song Pack
A Warrior's CallVolbeat2015-07-07Volbeat Song Pack
Heaven Nor HellVolbeat2015-07-07Volbeat Song Pack
FallenVolbeat2015-07-07Volbeat Song Pack
Tommy The CatPrimus2015-06-23Primus Song Pack
Jerry Was A Race Car DriverPrimus2015-06-23Primus Song Pack
Wynona's Big Brown BeaverPrimus2015-06-23Primus Song Pack
South Park ThemePrimus2015-06-23Primus Song Pack
FrankensteinThe Edgar Winter Group2015-06-16Player Picks Song Pack
Modern Day CowboyTesla2015-06-16Player Picks Song Pack
All Right NowFree2015-06-16Player Picks Song Pack
Balls To The WallAccept2015-06-16Player Picks Song Pack
Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)Ricky Nelson2015-06-09Rockabilly Song Pack
Crazy Little Thing Called LoveQueen2015-06-09Rockabilly Song Pack
Be-Bop-A-LulaGene Vincent and His Blue Caps2015-06-09Rockabilly Song Pack
Blue Suede ShoesCarl Perkins2015-06-09Rockabilly Song Pack
Rock This TownBrian Setzer2015-06-09Rockabilly Song Pack
Little SisterQueens of the Stone Age2015-06-02Queens of the Stone Age Song Pack
I Appear MissingQueens of the Stone Age2015-06-02Queens of the Stone Age Song Pack
Make It Wit Chu'Queens of the Stone Age2015-06-02Queens of the Stone Age Song Pack
No One KnowsQueens of the Stone Age2015-06-02Queens of the Stone Age Song Pack
3's & 7'sQueens of the Stone Age2015-06-02Queens of the Stone Age Song Pack
Friday I'm In LoveThe Cure2015-05-26Love Singles Song Pack
For The Love of GodSteve Vai2015-05-26Love Singles Song Pack
Lovely DayBill Withers2015-05-26Love Singles Song Pack
Raining BloodSlayer2015-05-19Slayer Song Pack
Seasons In The AbyssSlayer2015-05-19Slayer Song Pack
Angel of DeathSlayer2015-05-19Slayer Song Pack
South of HeavenSlayer2015-05-19Slayer Song Pack
Dead Skin MaskSlayer2015-05-19Slayer Song Pack
Two WeeksAll That Remains2015-05-12All That Remains
This CallingAll That Remains2015-05-12All That Remains
SixAll That Remains2015-05-12All That Remains
Boom BoomJohn Lee Hooker2015-05-05Blues Song Pack
Be Careful With A FoolJohnny Winter2015-05-05Blues Song Pack
SpoonfulHowlin' Wolf2015-05-05Blues Song Pack
Hide AwayFreddie King2015-05-05Blues Song Pack
Ain't No Love in the Heart of the CityBobby "Blue" Bland2015-05-05Blues Song Pack
ThunderhorseDethklok2015-04-28Dethklok Song Pack
AwakenDethklok2015-04-28Dethklok Song Pack
Go Into The WaterDethklok2015-04-28Dethklok Song Pack
Ocean AvenueYellowcard2015-04-21Alternative Rock Song Pack
Through GlassStone Sour2015-04-21Alternative Rock Song Pack
My Own Worst EnemyLit2015-04-21Alternative Rock Song Pack
Hemorrhage (In My Hands)Fuel2015-04-21Alternative Rock Song Pack
Feel The PainDinosaur Jr.2015-04-21Alternative Rock Song Pack
Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In Its Spotlight)Thin Lizzy2015-04-14Thin Lizzy Song Pack
JailbreakThin Lizzy2015-04-14Thin Lizzy Song Pack
The Boys Are Back In TownThin Lizzy2015-04-14Thin Lizzy Song Pack
GlycerineBush2015-04-07Bush Song Pack
ComedownBush2015-04-07Bush Song Pack
SwallowedBush2015-04-07Bush Song Pack
Everything ZenBush2015-04-07Bush Song Pack
Sex FarmSpinal Tap2015-03-31Spinal Tap Song Pack
Big BottomSpinal Tap2015-03-31Spinal Tap Song Pack
Gimme Some MoneySpinal Tap2015-03-31Spinal Tap Song Pack
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You TonightSpinal Tap2015-03-31Spinal Tap Song Pack
StonehengeSpinal Tap2015-03-31Spinal Tap Song Pack
MadhouseAnthrax2015-03-23Anthrax Song Pack
Got The TimeAnthrax2015-03-23Anthrax Song Pack
Caught In A MoshAnthrax2015-03-23Anthrax Song Pack
IndiansAnthrax2015-03-23Anthrax Song Pack
Becoming a JackalThe Villagers2015-03-17Shamrock Song Pack
ZombieThe Cranberries2015-03-17Shamrock Song Pack
Alternative UlsterStiff Little Fingers2015-03-17Shamrock Song Pack
Drunken LullabiesFlogging Molly2015-03-17Shamrock Song Pack
I'm Shipping Up To BostonDropkick Murphys2015-03-17Shamrock Song Pack
HallelujahJeff Buckley2015-03-10Jeff Buckley Song Pack
GraceJeff Buckley2015-03-10Jeff Buckley Song Pack
Last GoodbyeJeff Buckley2015-03-10Jeff Buckley Song Pack
Let's GoThe Cars2015-03-03The Cars Song Pack
You're All I've Got TonightThe Cars2015-03-03The Cars Song Pack
Just What I NeededThe Cars2015-03-03The Cars Song Pack
Bye Bye LoveThe Cars2015-03-03The Cars Song Pack
Good Times RollThe Cars2015-03-03The Cars Song Pack
ScarsPapa Roach2015-02-24Papa Roach Song Pack
Last ResortPapa Roach2015-02-24Papa Roach Song Pack
Getting Away With MurderPapa Roach2015-02-24Papa Roach Song Pack
SuperheroJane's Addiction2015-02-17Jane's Addiction Song Pack
Mountain SongJane's Addiction2015-02-17Jane's Addiction Song Pack
Jane SaysJane's Addiction2015-02-17Jane's Addiction Song Pack
Been Caught StealingJane's Addiction2015-02-17Jane's Addiction Song Pack
Just BecauseJane's Addiction2015-02-17Jane's Addiction Song Pack
Fake ItSeether2015-02-10Seether Song Pack
RemedySeether2015-02-10Seether Song Pack
BrokenSeether featuring Amy Lee2015-02-10Seether Song Pack
AmandaBoston2015-02-03Power Ballad Song Pack
Every Rose Has Its ThornPoison2015-02-03Power Ballad Song Pack
More Than WordsExtreme2015-02-03Power Ballad Song Pack
Love SongTesla2015-02-03Power Ballad Song Pack
Don't Know What You Got (Till it's Gone)Cinderella2015-02-03Power Ballad Song Pack
BreakThree Days Grace2015-01-27Three Days Grace Song Pack
Just Like YouThree Days Grace2015-01-27Three Days Grace Song Pack
Never Too LateThree Days Grace2015-01-27Three Days Grace Song Pack
RiotThree Days Grace2015-01-27Three Days Grace Song Pack
Animal I Have BecomeThree Days Grace2015-01-27Three Days Grace Song Pack
Rainbow in the DarkDio2015-01-20Classic Riff Song Pack
RenegadeStyx2015-01-20Classic Riff Song Pack
Cherry PieWarrant2015-01-20Classic Riff Song Pack
Rock And Roll, Hoochie KooRick Derringer2015-01-20Classic Riff Song Pack
Ace of SpadesMotörhead2015-01-20Classic Riff Song Pack
Jesus Christ PoseSoundgarden2015-01-13Soundgarden Song Pack
Black Hole SunSoundgarden2015-01-13Soundgarden Song Pack
Pretty NooseSoundgarden2015-01-13Soundgarden Song Pack
Fell On Black DaysSoundgarden2015-01-13Soundgarden Song Pack
SpoonmanSoundgarden2015-01-13Soundgarden Song Pack
Guilty All the SameLinkin Park2015-01-06Linkin Park Song Pack
In the EndLinkin Park2015-01-06Linkin Park Song Pack
Bleed it OutLinkin Park2015-01-06Linkin Park Song Pack
What I've DoneLinkin Park2015-01-06Linkin Park Song Pack
NumbLinkin Park2015-01-06Linkin Park Song Pack
One Step CloserLinkin Park2015-01-06Linkin Park Song Pack
FireJimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
FreedomJimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
Bold As LoveJimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
If 6 Was 9Jimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
Little WingJimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
Red HouseJimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
The Wind Cries MaryJimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)Jimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
Foxey LadyJimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
Manic DepressionJimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
Castles Made Of SandJimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
Purple HazeJimi Hendrix2014-12-16The Jimi Hendrix Song Pack (I-II-III-IV)
Down RodeoRage Against The Machine2014-12-09Rage Against The Machine Song Pack (I-II)
BombtrackRage Against The Machine2014-12-09Rage Against The Machine Song Pack (I-II)
Renegades Of FunkRage Against The Machine2014-12-09Rage Against The Machine Song Pack (I-II)
Killing in the NameRage Against The Machine2014-12-09Rage Against The Machine Song Pack (I-II)
Bulls On ParadeRage Against The Machine2014-12-09Rage Against The Machine Song Pack (I-II)
Know Your EnemyRage Against The Machine2014-12-09Rage Against The Machine Song Pack (I-II)
Wake UpRage Against The Machine2014-12-09Rage Against The Machine Song Pack (I-II)
Blaze Of GloryJon Bon Jovi2014-12-02Bon Jovi Song Pack
Livin’ On A PrayerBon Jovi2014-12-02Bon Jovi Song Pack
You Give Love A Bad NameBon Jovi2014-12-02Bon Jovi Song Pack
It’s My LifeBon Jovi2014-12-02Bon Jovi Song Pack
Wanted Dead Or AliveBon Jovi2014-12-02Bon Jovi Song Pack
Tears Don’t FallBullet For My Valentine2014-11-25Bullet For My Valentine Song Pack
Hand Of BloodBullet For My Valentine2014-11-25Bullet For My Valentine Song Pack
Hearts Burst into FireBullet For My Valentine2014-11-25Bullet For My Valentine Song Pack
Your BetrayalBullet For My Valentine2014-11-25Bullet For My Valentine Song Pack
Scream Aim FireBullet For My Valentine2014-11-25Bullet For My Valentine Song Pack
Long Road To RuinFoo Fighters2014-11-18Foo Fighters II Song Pack
The PretenderFoo Fighters2014-11-18Foo Fighters II Song Pack
Monkey WrenchFoo Fighters2014-11-18Foo Fighters II Song Pack
Learn To FlyFoo Fighters2014-11-18Foo Fighters II Song Pack
RopeFoo Fighters2014-11-18Foo Fighters II Song Pack
Free FallinTom Petty2014-11-11Tom Petty Song Pack
I Won’t Back DownTom Petty2014-11-11Tom Petty Song Pack
American GirlTom Petty and the Heartbreakers2014-11-11Tom Petty Song Pack
RefugeeTom Petty and the Heartbreakers2014-11-11Tom Petty Song Pack
Learning To FlyTom Petty and the Heartbreakers2014-11-11Tom Petty Song Pack
The End Of HeartacheKillswitch Engage2014-11-04Killswitch Engage Song Pack
My CurseKillswitch Engage2014-11-04Killswitch Engage Song Pack
Holy DiverKillswitch Engage2014-11-04Killswitch Engage Song Pack
SpacemanThe Killers2014-10-28The Killers Song Pack
When You Were YoungThe Killers2014-10-28The Killers Song Pack
Mr. BrightsideThe Killers2014-10-28The Killers Song Pack
Somebody Told MeThe Killers2014-10-28The Killers Song Pack
RunawaysThe Killers2014-10-28The Killers Song Pack
SeventeenWinger2014-10-21Arena Rock Song Pack
Turn Up the RadioAutograph2014-10-21Arena Rock Song Pack
Nothin’ but a Good TimePoison2014-10-21Arena Rock Song Pack
Holy DiverDio2014-10-21Arena Rock Song Pack
The StrokeBilly Squier2014-10-21Arena Rock Song Pack
Blue OrchidThe White Stripes2014-10-14The White Stripes Song Pack
The Hardest Button To ButtonThe White Stripes2014-10-14The White Stripes Song Pack
Seven Nation ArmyThe White Stripes2014-10-14The White Stripes Song Pack
Fell In Love With A GirlThe White Stripes2014-10-14The White Stripes Song Pack
You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)The White Stripes2014-10-14The White Stripes Song Pack
Show Me How to LiveAudioslave2014-10-07Audioslave Song Pack
Be YourselfAudioslave2014-10-07Audioslave Song Pack
CochiseAudioslave2014-10-07Audioslave Song Pack
I Am The HighwayAudioslave2014-10-07Audioslave Song Pack
Like a StoneAudioslave2014-10-07Audioslave Song Pack
Hot BloodedForeigner2014-09-30Foreigner Song Pack
Cold As IceForeigner2014-09-30Foreigner Song Pack
Jukebox HeroForeigner2014-09-30Foreigner Song Pack
Double VisionForeigner2014-09-30Foreigner Song Pack
Feels Like the First TimeForeigner2014-09-30Foreigner Song Pack
Sound of MadnessShinedown2014-09-23Shinedown Song Pack
Second ChanceShinedown2014-09-23Shinedown Song Pack
45Shinedown2014-09-23Shinedown Song Pack
EnemiesShinedown2014-09-23Shinedown Song Pack
BullyShinedown2014-09-23Shinedown Song Pack
My SacrificeCreed2014-09-16Creed Song Pack
HigherCreed2014-09-16Creed Song Pack
My Own PrisonCreed2014-09-16Creed Song Pack
With Arms Wide OpenCreed2014-09-16Creed Song Pack
One Last BreathCreed2014-09-16Creed Song Pack
StrangleholdTed Nugent2014-09-0970’s Rock Song Pack
Simple ManLynyrd Skynyrd2014-09-0970’s Rock Song Pack
Highway StarDeep Purple2014-09-0970’s Rock Song Pack
Caress Me DownSublime2014-09-02Sublime Song Pack
What I GotSublime2014-09-02Sublime Song Pack
Wrong WaySublime2014-09-02Sublime Song Pack
Smoke Two JointsSublime2014-09-02Sublime Song Pack
SanteriaSublime2014-09-02Sublime Song Pack
In the Hall of The Mountain KingEdvard Grieg2014-08-26Bachsmith Song Pack
Rondo Alla TurcaWolfgang Amadeus Mozart2014-08-26Bachsmith Song Pack
Ride Of The ValkyriesRichard Wagner2014-08-26Bachsmith Song Pack
Moonlight Sonata: Adagio SostenutoLudwig van Beethoven2014-08-26Bachsmith Song Pack
"Little" Fugue in G minorJohann Sebastian Bach2014-08-26Bachsmith Song Pack
Ordinary WorldDuran Duran2014-08-19Duran Duran Song Pack
RioDuran Duran2014-08-19Duran Duran Song Pack
Hungry Like The WolfDuran Duran2014-08-19Duran Duran Song Pack
Don’t SpeakNo Doubt2014-08-12No Doubt Song Pack
SpiderwebsNo Doubt2014-08-12No Doubt Song Pack
Ex-GirlfriendNo Doubt2014-08-12No Doubt Song Pack
MountainsBiffy Clyro2014-08-05Biffy Clyro
Black ChandelierBiffy Clyro2014-08-05Biffy Clyro
Many Of HorrorBiffy Clyro2014-08-05Biffy Clyro
BubblesBiffy Clyro2014-08-05Biffy Clyro
Stingin’ BelleBiffy Clyro2014-08-05Biffy Clyro
Walk With Me in HellLamb of God2014-07-29Lamb of God Pack
Ghost WalkingLamb of God2014-07-29Lamb of God Pack
Laid to RestLamb of God2014-07-29Lamb of God Pack
Kiss On My ListDaryl Hall and John Oates2014-07-22Yacht Rock Song Pack
Escape (The Piña Colada Song)Rupert Holmes2014-07-22Yacht Rock Song Pack
China GroveThe Doobie Brothers2014-07-22Yacht Rock Song Pack
I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near)Michael McDonald2014-07-22Yacht Rock Song Pack
Hold The LineToto2014-07-22Yacht Rock Song Pack
Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)Deftones2014-07-15Deftones Song Pack
Hole In The EarthDeftones2014-07-15Deftones Song Pack
Change (In The House Of Flies)Deftones2014-07-15Deftones Song Pack
Digital BathDeftones2014-07-15Deftones Song Pack
What Katie DidThe Libertines2014-07-08The Libertines Song Pack
Can’t Stand Me NowThe Libertines2014-07-08The Libertines Song Pack
Don’t Look Back into the SunThe Libertines2014-07-08The Libertines Song Pack
Fallen LeavesBilly Talent2014-07-01Billy Talent Song Pack
Red FlagBilly Talent2014-07-01Billy Talent Song Pack
Try HonestyBilly Talent2014-07-01Billy Talent Song Pack
Viking Death MarchBilly Talent2014-07-01Billy Talent Song Pack
Devil in a Midnight MassBilly Talent2014-07-01Billy Talent Song Pack
Walk Don’t RunThe Ventures2014-06-24Surf Rock Song Pack
MisirlouDick Dale and His Del-Tones2014-06-24Surf Rock Song Pack
Wipe OutThe Surfaris2014-06-24Surf Rock Song Pack
Love-Hate-Sex-PainGodsmack2014-06-17Godsmack Song Pack
VoodooGodsmack2014-06-17Godsmack Song Pack
Cryin’ Like a BitchGodsmack2014-06-17Godsmack Song Pack
AwakeGodsmack2014-06-17Godsmack Song Pack
I Stand AloneGodsmack2014-06-17Godsmack Song Pack
Funk #49James Gang2014-06-10Classic Song Pack
Ain’t No SunshineBill Withers2014-06-10Classic Song Pack
Sweet DreamsRoy Buchanan2014-06-10Classic Song Pack
We’re All To BlameSum 412014-06-03Sum 41 Song Pack
Still WaitingSum 412014-06-03Sum 41 Song Pack
The Hell SongSum 412014-06-03Sum 41 Song Pack
In Too DeepSum 412014-06-03Sum 41 Song Pack
Fat LipSum 412014-06-03Sum 41 Song Pack
Back from CaliSlash featuring Myles Kennedy2014-05-27Slash Song Pack
AnastasiaSlash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators2014-05-27Slash Song Pack
You’re A LieSlash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators2014-05-27Slash Song Pack
The DistanceCake2014-05-20Cake Song Pack
Never ThereCake2014-05-20Cake Song Pack
I Will SurviveCake2014-05-20Cake Song Pack
Short Skirt/Long JacketCake2014-05-20Cake Song Pack
Stickshifts and SafetybeltsCake2014-05-20Cake Song Pack
Colony of BirchmenMastodon2014-05-13Mastodon Song Pack
Black TongueMastodon2014-05-13Mastodon Song Pack
OblivionMastodon2014-05-13Mastodon Song Pack
Beautiful Disaster3112014-05-06311 Song Pack
Amber3112014-05-06311 Song Pack
Down3112014-05-06311 Song Pack
Ties That BindAlter Bridge2014-04-29Alter Bridge Song Pack
IsolationAlter Bridge2014-04-29Alter Bridge Song Pack
Rise TodayAlter Bridge2014-04-29Alter Bridge Song Pack
BlackbirdAlter Bridge2014-04-29Alter Bridge Song Pack
Two PrincesSpin Doctors2014-04-2290’s Rock Song Pack
TomorrowSilverchair2014-04-2290’s Rock Song Pack
Father of MineEverclear2014-04-2290’s Rock Song Pack
I Think I’m ParanoidGarbage2014-04-15Garbage Song Pack
Stupid GirlGarbage2014-04-15Garbage Song Pack
Only Happy When It RainsGarbage2014-04-15Garbage Song Pack
Just Like a WomanBob Dylan2014-04-08Bob Dylan Song Pack
Like a Rolling StoneBob Dylan2014-04-08Bob Dylan Song Pack
Subterranean Homesick BluesBob Dylan2014-04-08Bob Dylan Song Pack
TotalimmortalAFI2014-04-01AFI Song Pack
Silver and ColdAFI2014-04-01AFI Song Pack
Girl’s Not GreyAFI2014-04-01AFI Song Pack
Miss MurderAFI2014-04-01AFI Song Pack
PushMatchbox Twenty2014-03-25Matchbox Twenty Song Pack
She’s So MeanMatchbox Twenty2014-03-25Matchbox Twenty Song Pack
UnwellMatchbox Twenty2014-03-25Matchbox Twenty Song Pack
How Far We’ve ComeMatchbox Twenty2014-03-25Matchbox Twenty Song Pack
3AMMatchbox Twenty2014-03-25Matchbox Twenty Song Pack
The Downfall of Us AllA Day To Remember2014-03-18A Day To Remember Song Pack
All I WantA Day To Remember2014-03-18A Day To Remember Song Pack
All Signs Point to LauderdaleA Day To Remember2014-03-18A Day To Remember Song Pack
If it Means a Lot to YouA Day To Remember2014-03-18A Day To Remember Song Pack
It’s ComplicatedA Day To Remember2014-03-18A Day To Remember Song Pack
Crazy On YouHeart2014-03-11Female Lead Song Pack
Love Bites (So Do I)Halestorm2014-03-11Female Lead Song Pack
All Around MeFlyleaf2014-03-11Female Lead Song Pack
Foreplay/Long TimeBoston2014-03-04Boston Song Pack
Hitch A RideBoston2014-03-04Boston Song Pack
Don’t Look BackBoston2014-03-04Boston Song Pack
Riders on the StormThe Doors2014-02-25The Doors Song Pack
Roadhouse BluesThe Doors2014-02-25The Doors Song Pack
Light My FireThe Doors2014-02-25The Doors Song Pack
SatelliteRise Against2014-02-18Rise Against Song Pack
Give It AllRise Against2014-02-18Rise Against Song Pack
Make It Stop (September’s Children)Rise Against2014-02-18Rise Against Song Pack
Swing Life AwayRise Against2014-02-18Rise Against Song Pack
PARADOX taisoRIZE2014-02-18Single
stupidThe Birthday2014-02-18Single
Prayer Of The RefugeeRise Against2014-02-18Rise Against Song Pack
Detroit Rock CityKISS2014-02-11KISS Song Pack
Heaven’s on FireKISS2014-02-11KISS Song Pack
I Was Made For Loving YouKISS2014-02-11KISS Song Pack
The One I LoveR.E.M.2014-02-04R.E.M. Song Pack
Everybody HurtsR.E.M.2014-02-04R.E.M. Song Pack
What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?R.E.M.2014-02-04R.E.M. Song Pack
ÜberlinR.E.M.2014-02-04R.E.M. Song Pack
From Noon Till Dawn (feat. Tabu Zombie and Kunikazu TanakaSTRAIGHTENER2014-02-04Single
Shiny Happy PeopleR.E.M.2014-02-04R.E.M. Song Pack
ToxicitySystem of a Down2014-01-28System of a Down Song Pack
B.Y.O.B.System of a Down2014-01-28System of a Down Song Pack
AerialsSystem of a Down2014-01-28System of a Down Song Pack
Island in the SunWeezer2014-01-21Weezer Song Pack
My Name is JonasWeezer2014-01-21Weezer Song Pack
Undone (The Sweater Song)Weezer2014-01-21Weezer Song Pack
Buddy HollyWeezer2014-01-21Weezer Song Pack
Hash PipeWeezer2014-01-21Weezer Song Pack
Punishment9mm Parabellum Bullet2014-01-14Single
Atarashii Hikari9mm Parabellum Bullet2014-01-14Single
Live ForeverOasis2014-01-14Oasis Song Pack
WonderwallOasis2014-01-14Oasis Song Pack
Some Might SayOasis2014-01-14Oasis Song Pack
SupersonicOasis2014-01-14Oasis Song Pack
Champagne SupernovaOasis2014-01-14Oasis Song Pack
Dream OnAerosmith2014-01-07Aerosmith Song Pack
Legendary ChildAerosmith2014-01-07Aerosmith Song Pack
Oh YeahAerosmith2014-01-07Aerosmith Song Pack
Sweet EmotionAerosmith2014-01-07Aerosmith Song Pack
Same Old Song and DanceAerosmith2014-01-07Aerosmith Song Pack
Stockholm SyndromeMuse2013-12-17Muse Song Pack
Supermassive Black HoleMuse2013-12-17Muse Song Pack
HysteriaMuse2013-12-17Muse Song Pack
Muscle MuseumMuse2013-12-17Muse Song Pack
Time is Running OutMuse2013-12-17Muse Song Pack
Death MentalGOLDEN BOMBER2013-12-17GOLDEN BOMBER Song Pack
EarphoneGOLDEN BOMBER2013-12-17GOLDEN BOMBER Song Pack
MemeshikuteGOLDEN BOMBER2013-12-17GOLDEN BOMBER Song Pack
AsylumDisturbed2013-12-10Disturbed Song Pack
VoicesDisturbed2013-12-10Disturbed Song Pack
Down with the SicknessDisturbed2013-12-10Disturbed Song Pack
LiarONE OK ROCK2013-12-03Single
NO SCAREDONE OK ROCK2013-12-03Single
Yasashiku NaritaiKazuyoshi Saito2013-12-03Single
Who Are YouThe Who2013-12-03The Who Song Pack
The SeekerThe Who2013-12-03The Who Song Pack
Behind Blue EyesThe Who2013-12-03The Who Song Pack
Pinball WizardThe Who2013-12-03The Who Song Pack
Baba O’RileyThe Who2013-12-03The Who Song Pack
JustRadiohead2013-11-26Radiohead Song Pack
CreepRadiohead2013-11-26Radiohead Song Pack
My Iron LungRadiohead2013-11-26Radiohead Song Pack
OptimisticRadiohead2013-11-26Radiohead Song Pack
Karma PoliceRadiohead2013-11-26Radiohead Song Pack
Easy Come, Easy Go!B’z2013-11-19B’z Song Pack
Giri Giri ChopB’z2013-11-19B’z Song Pack
American IdiotGreen Day2013-11-19Green Day Song Pack
Oh LoveGreen Day2013-11-19Green Day Song Pack
juiceB’z2013-11-19B’z Song Pack
Basket CaseGreen Day2013-11-19Green Day Song Pack
Check My BrainAlice in Chains2013-11-12Alice in Chains Song Pack
Would?Alice in Chains2013-11-12Alice in Chains Song Pack
HollowAlice in Chains2013-11-12Alice in Chains Song Pack
Them BonesAlice in Chains2013-11-12Alice in Chains Song Pack
Man in the BoxAlice in Chains2013-11-12Alice in Chains Song Pack
BambinaHotei2013-11-05Hotei Song Pack
ThrillHotei2013-11-05Hotei Song Pack
Battle Without Honor or HumanityHotei2013-11-05Hotei Song Pack
Aces HighIron Maiden2013-11-05Iron Maiden Song Pack
Run to the HillsIron Maiden2013-11-05Iron Maiden Song Pack
Fear of the DarkIron Maiden2013-11-05Iron Maiden Song Pack
The Number of the BeastIron Maiden2013-11-05Iron Maiden Song Pack
2 Minutes to MidnightIron Maiden2013-11-05Iron Maiden Song Pack
1979The Smashing Pumpkins2013-10-29The Smashing Pumpkins Song Pack
Tonight, TonightThe Smashing Pumpkins2013-10-29The Smashing Pumpkins Song Pack
Bullet With Butterfly WingsThe Smashing Pumpkins2013-10-29The Smashing Pumpkins Song Pack
TodayThe Smashing Pumpkins2013-10-29The Smashing Pumpkins Song Pack
DisarmThe Smashing Pumpkins2013-10-29The Smashing Pumpkins Song Pack
Mind Eraser, No ChaserThem Crooked Vultures2013-10-22Single
Cherub RockThe Smashing Pumpkins2013-10-22Single
Hate to Say I Told You SoThe Hives2013-10-22Single
ElephantTame Impala2013-10-22Single
My God is the SunQueens of the Stone Age2013-10-22Single
25 or 6 to 4Chicago2013-10-22Single
The Sky is CryingAlbert King2013-10-22Single
Ho HeyThe Lumineers2013-10-22Single

225 thoughts on “Rocksmith 2014 DLC

  1. Thumbs up 4 skid row, but where’s the song pack? Only 4 of the 5 songs are listed for dl.. what gives!?

  2. my SONGS that I buy on XB360 are showing up available on my XB1, the PACKS that I've bought are not. Is this issue known or do I need to call in to ubisoft or XB support? Thanks for all you do guys…

  3. Wow.. They were on such a roll.. what happened? They haven't even scratched the surface of the history makers in rock let along the number of guitar gods / bands that we all looked up too. Black sabeth, acdc, journey, evh, Steve vi, randy, skid row, white lion, metallic, scorpions.. those are just a,few that come right to mind…

  4. Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy!! I’d like to see you guys do a couple Randy Rhodes and Jake E. Lee tracks…. but please no Crazy Train or Bark at the Moon

    1. Well if Rocksmith has Zack wylde maybe we could get I don’t wanna Stop but we must use facebook app 😀 :mrgreen:

  5. I agree.. there were a few other MC songs I was sure they were going to include.. still good dlc though.. was a little disappointed with only the one Queensriche song, it's a good song but Jet City Woman really got them noticed..

  6. Totally Awesome DLC.. Love those guys…
    So seeing how rs2014 has taping.. Is there a chance they could muster a few EVH tunes? Journey would seem easy enough..
    A thought.. When GH was getting close to the end of things they released separate spin off games for EVH and Metallica.. They were awesome! I'm sure Metallica is a huge money thing.. I was shocked to see they agreed to do the GH game.. I would plunk down some $$$ for rs2014 Metallica box set..

  7. hola una pregunta tengo el rockmsmith 2014 pero no me reconoce la guitarra me podrian ayudar cuento con un miniplug 3,5 e instale lo que se necesita y aun asi nada me podrian echar la mano con eso ? o que es lo que requiero para poder jugarlo en la pc porfa 😉

  8. You honestly expect more than one pack from Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage? I think they're cool, but I'm glad to see some non-metal stuff after that torrent a little while back. Besides, no band should have more than one pack while there's still really good ones absent.

      1. So… Thanks. I’m still not clear on the difference between the lists. Is the link you posted RS content that is also available for RS 2014?

        1. Yes it is, on steam however you may have difficulty acquiring certain songs for purchase because of a limitation valve has not finished removing from RS1 content. It’s recommended you purchase RS1 in any event as it’s 52 songs you can import into RS2014 for $9.99 + cost of RS1 (Digital)

  9. I’m sure all the fanboys of whatever this week’s “more of the same shit” band’s dlc will be happy. But after buying nearly every DLC for over a year (+ the earlier Rocksmith DLC), I’ve made only one purchase since the start of 2015, despite awaiting every Tuesday’s release with great anticipation (and watching every video for songs/bands I do not know). Instead, I’m struck by what seems to be an increasing myopia in terms genre/style for the dlc content. It’s as though a slight change in distortion pedal use is sufficient to signify variety in the offerings. And while these minor changes might be enough to satisfy those fanboys of jerk-off metal who complain about too much chicken-choking or monkey-spanking rock — it’s still ALL masturbatory. The same power chords, the same rhythmic progressions, the same solo interludes, the same driving 8th/16th notes. Sure the words and the tempos (occasionally) change, but there’s nothing new to learn….and to me that’s sad. I’m sure too that the corporate profit machine doesn’t care where I spend my money as long as dlc sales remain at acceptable levels, so I’ll continue to find other venues (sheetmusic/GP6 etc) to further my education as I have the past few months. I just worry about the future prospects for RS, a program that has furthered my playing more than any other, if others begin to feel this stagnation as well.

    1. I’m sad that we live in a world where the best musical groups out there would rather have so many new guitarists influenced by crappy music, then take a slight hit to their overinflated egos and actually inspire people with an act of generosity.

      1. er whatever. I hear ya, though. It’s like rocksmith wants to hype it up, and then they condescend when we get over excited because we have no freakin idea what’s coming and when. And it’s always a technical problem, not their fault.

    2. Totally agree. Each to their own style of music but an endless stream of the above acurately described music is very dissapointing. Its fantastic software and i have recommended it to a number of other people but I always have to advise them that DLC tends to be aimed at 18 year old metal fans… i like all types of music… from Jazz, Rap, Country, Blues, Indie, all from different eras… lets get a better mix of music from truly great guitarists rather than the above adolescent nonsense…

  10. Big fan of the game as is my 9 year old, we agree you MUST ADD Some Sonic Youth dlc please (greatest band ever!) also the likes of Neil Young (Down by the river, Cow girl in the sand) Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy and Stevie Ray Vaughan would be much appreciated by myself and all true rock enthusiasts…. PLEASE!!!

  11. @UbisoftstudioSF -- Hey guys, I’m considering / about to upgrade to Xbox One -- concerned about my DLC moving forward… I know that all my current DLC will transfer from 360 to XB1 (once only?), but what about after I transfer my content? Will I have the option to transfer my content multiple times to the new console? I will be playing both consoles moving forward, and want to be able to purchase DLC and have available on both machines… will this be possible? ie I don’t want to upgrade and essentially set in stone the DLC on my 360, make sense?

    btw, thank you for all you do, As a drummer that was always around guitars, I can now play bass and guitar and it’s changed my life. THANKS.

  12. @The Riff Repeater OK.Thanks for the info. And no, I'm not new with the music game, I've played most of the guitar hero + RS1. I didn't saw Helloween on that list, Are they hard too to be licensed? They have so many great songs.

  13. The last eight DLC packs are so wack. 😥
    Please put up something worth playing.
    Slayer, buckethead, megadeth, another classical or a jazz pack.

    I mean come on…Bullet for my Valentine, Audioslave, the Killers?!
    Do any people without brain damage listen to those bands willingly?

    Seriously, of all the great guitar songs out there, this is what Ubisoft thinks is best?

    Where is Jeff Beck? Where is the Satriani dlc? Where is the delta blues dlc? Clapton, Zeppelin, Prince?

    Does Ubisoft know about/care about punk and/or hardcore? (SST era — Minutemen, Dead Kennedys, etc. NOT skater stuff like Sum41)

    Seriously, Ubisoft. Rocksmith is amazing. Please stop crushing my expectations for DLC. There will come a point at which I will stop playing for lack of new and worthwhile tracks.

    1. completely agree. Who listens to Creed?! I have never met anyone who does

      The classical pack by far has been most beneficial to me improving my play, what the hell are Bullet for My Valentine going to improve in comparison?

  14. new to this site so please go easy on me if this request has been put out there. i’ve been playing with rocksmith for a few years now and would like to know if they are working on a foot pedal system to control the game commands. it seems like a logical integration with developing the skills to use pedals while playing.

    1. Using a pedal is already possible by setting up tones and using the game controller to change which tone you want to use in session mode and you could always use your foot to change tones. You can also use Rocksmith as an amp and just feed your Guitar into a pedal before the console/pc etc and use session mode here. Hope I made sense, no sleep.

  15. Are we Gonna see some Skillet,Texas Hippie Coalition,Five Finger Death punch and A perfect Circle in the near feature?

  16. I heard about Bandfuse on hold but can R.S. get hold of Hendrix and stray cats if they fall short of their contract with them? They did have some cool songs too.

  17. Been a Rocksmith devotee since importing a US copy pre-uk release. Now on Rocksmith 2014, and playing regularly offline.

    I think the Ubisoft lads have done a good job re DLC, but they are limited by what they are permitted to licence.

    I personally would like to see Parisienne Walkways, Hypnotize (White stripes), Black dog, back in black and Whole lotta love.

    1. Yeah dude, they could list the top 1000 requests or so and then we could vote for 10 we like the most. Or do they even pick from the requests. Who knows? Shit. Fascism sucks!

      1. Rocksmith have a top 50 bands requested ( I believe its 50 but don’t quote me on that ). Half of these have already been released. There is an official site on Facebook to request what you would like. Licensing is not easy and getting what you want in the game takes time and may not always be possible. Use dlc to better your skills instead of looking for music you already know and / or like and your will improve said skills. Not getting what you want is frustrating but when you are proficient at guitar you wont need to wait for songs to be able to play them, you will be able to learn them the old fashioned way in your own time.

  18. Dave matthews…… good Dave matthews not crush satalite or ants marching. i want to see, why i am, rooftop and 41

    1. I hear you. Too bad they always pick the songs everyone has heard a million times when there are much better songs that weren’t overplayed on the radio.

      1. Kind of like when the nazis were voted into power because there were like 15 parties in their elections and the idiot party had the most votes even though the percentage of the total wasn’t very high. We need to somehow have a primary vote.

      2. That’s why I think rooftop would be a good vote and why i am. They are fun to play and you can advance skill that downright awful game “gig” had some DMB, but that game can’t hold a match to rochsmith

  19. need to get some more 80’s metal like motley crue,dokken,whitesnake. no more 90’s. we have way more then we need of that for now

  20. metal??? Judas Priest, Gamma Ray, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Hammerfall, Kreator, Accept or even Ozzy?!” is not metal… its hard rock from a forgotten era..

    slayer, cannibal corpse, lamb of god, pig destroyer = metal

    not leather and lip stick ugh.

    they have one slayer song. one lamb o god. HOW ABOUT JIMI!!! OR SRV??? randy rhoads was BA…

    metallica and megadeath are sellouts… black album please…

      1. reall deep shit!!!

        if they put metallica only the song death magnetic from new era the rest should be from.. and justice … ride … kill’em ,i should be the one chosin the song , the best one always get forgotten

        and please pleasse really pleasy . il do anything really anything ill give you my life , but le me choose the pack of ozzy if theyre are one that is gonna be there one day cause i really dont wanna you to mess this up and i know youll be able to scrap-it and putting song from the album scream or only zakk wylde era and that would be one of the biggest dlc mistake youve done .. seriously if its possible to have to whole chart of how many time a song has been dlwded we could simply added more song of the type that sell the most or just ad some that are fun to play.
        i think that giving 6-8 dlc per two weeks should be okay you could divide it in 3 kind of music sor it could please anyone any weeks not w8ing 3 month to have a song that have a solo or that the guitar is fun to play .. like satch boogie shes hard fun but not a good choice for tyhis game this one should hav been a dlc with more of satriani this would had been awesone i could talk like days on how you could mess this game. so please dont get me right prove im wrong and pick song or at least if you could ask me i could listen to any artist and find those song fun to play not only choosing it cause they re player that are less good or dont play the same type… anyway i might have wrote this for nothing but i love this game and it should evolve to a point where we could have drum 2 guit vocal and bass and play live on ps3 or againt have battle of the band , each player should be class differently and in band and like the 10 best could tour for the next 6 month or year … but im living inside my dream , a dream that i want to be reality , but that reality aint the one the world worship so it might never happen . i hope by saying never it will

      2. Mustaine and Burton made Metallica.
        Black album and beyond suck…made to sell to people who don’t know any better…great prototype for Nickelback’s business model. Actually, the shallow whinyness makes them more like Nickelback than anything else.
        So metalheads (and any self-respecting musicians) see Metallica as posers, hacks, and sell-outs (which they totally are). 😆

        Watch some kind of monster and laugh at how arrogant, stupid, and above all, musically deficient James and Lars are. 😆

        *Big exasperated sigh*
        …Slayer and Sabbath are both metal. Just because one came before the other and they sound different (different subgenres or whatever) does not mean they are not metal…nobody who enjoys hip hop would claim that Sugar Hill Gang made music from a different genre than El-P; they sound different but share the same roots and musical structures.

        People (especially the hipsters out there) need to stop making these silly and meaningless distinctions. Trying to classify things and distinguish them from each other based on your opinion alone, or just for the sake of classification and distinction, only looks like a lazy way to compensate for ignorance. :mrgreen:

        Want to have a musical conversation? Use the language of music; stop tossing your word-salads like it’s adding anything. 🙄

        Iron Maiden is not forgotten--they are still dropping albums and touring! And extremely popular! 😎

        But yes, more Slayer please! Also Buckethead! 😈

        1. We definitely need the Bucket in there. Soothsayer. Stretching Lighthouse. Frozen Brains Tell no Tales. Clichéd as it is: Jordan. And as it’s my list I’m throwing in Cross Section from Thanatopsis 😛

  21. Wow they hit a 100 songs today thats pretty much a song a day since release. I never thought they would ramp up the volume so much. I hope to have a rock band style library one day to have years of playing new material

  22. I’m a metalhead, but I’m digging the Radiohead, Muse and AIC packs. would hope to see more extreme metal packs in the future, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Darkthrone, WITTR, Carcass as well as The Smiths, PJ Harvey, Cocteau Twins, Fields Of The Nephilim, My Bloody Valentine, Ride and The Beach Boys as well.

  23. Personally I think the way that Rocksmith should goes instead of the Lead, Rhythm and Bass courses should allow for a more customizable experience. If you like metal and shred, here is a course, if you like jazz and blues, here is a course, if you like country and classic rock, here you go. Personally I would like to see that type of setup for this game in the future since it would allow for better style and technique development. Plus if you like more of one type of music then you can just have those hidden items of dislike so as not to bother those with delicate sensibilities.

    1. FUGAZI = hell yes! and Bad Religion too, for the solos obviously.
      Also, BOTH guitars AND bass for Fugazi. Such an awesome band…..wish they would get back together. also wish they would remaster the old stuff. it is amazing but could sound so much better with a great engineer’s touch.

  24. You have given me Muse, Slayer, Pantera, Radiohead, The Police, The Cure, Nirvana, and Soundgarden. You have even introduced me to Boxer Rebellion, Paws, White Denim and Paws for which I am eternally grateful.

    Now all I ask is Steely Dan, The Sundays, and (if you can actually pull it off) My Bloody Valentine.

    Anyway… back to Rocksmithing.

    1. Said Paws twice — swap that with JAWS and we’re good.

      Oh — and thank you a million times over for Cherub Rock and Chimera as well.

  25. I want to thank you for putting such a great tool out. Yes, it’s a game, but it’s also a tool. It came today at noon. It is now 4pm. I can barely type because my left fingers hurt so dang much. 28.2% on Sixteen Saltines! Never played a guitar before today. When do the callouses start? Would type more but fingers hurt… but need to play more…

    1. Mine started after the first few days — now its mostly just hand cramps for me cause sometimes I’ll put in eight hour sessions for a couple of nights straight. When I got the first one about two years ago I’d play it ’til sunrise on my days off and I still put in a good 20-30 hours a week practicing.

      My only problem now is that I’ve ran out of favorite songs to learn via DLC. That’s good since I need to get back to recording my own original stuff, which is only going to be that much better for all the practice I put in. Like you said, this is a tool.

      This is the best game I’ve ever played… and I’ve been playing since Pong.

  26. Those are some real shitty songs!

    How about some real guitar like Judas Priest, Gamma Ray, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Hammerfall, Kreator, Accept or even Ozzy?!

    1. Typical idiotic metalhead. Two of those artists you mentioned are in the game/DLC. I’ll make you figure out which ones they are.

        1. As a “typical idiotic metalhead” i also would like to see better dlc list now that they have more tuning possibilities in the game if dlc only got stuck with bands/songs that you could play with moving molded hand along the fretboard as you idiotically strum every string without any sense of rhythm now i wouldn’t even dare to mention to anyone that i play guitar even though metal is always welcome i would also want to see more queens of the stone age or such even blues would be more appropriate as it has many useful techniques to learn in guitar playing

            1. well now the iron maiden is DLC also and alice in chains DLC there and i think metalheads will be happy… but am i blind seems like all the new DLC are only in pack’s atleast i can’t find the songs in singles

      1. Some of those were released after his comment dick slapper. No need to call people idiots behind a computer internet tough guy!

        1. No they weren’t, Iron Maiden was on disc and Judas Priest and Megadeth were released more than a year before.

    2. “Judas Priest, Gamma Ray, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Hammerfall, Kreator, Accept or even Ozzy?!”

      The last thing this game needs is more crap metal songs. It and the previous version are filled with such crapola. And that crap so infested Guitar Hero that they killed off the franchise. What this title needs is real guitar music: Buddy Guy, Wes Montgomery, Prince, etc. Without real music, the game will die a quick death since metal fans are always broke.

      1. Hadn’t even thought about Prince — nearly every song on the Purple Rain album deserves DLC treatment. The solo at the end of “When Doves Cry” used to give me chills and learning that riff for “Lets Go Crazy”…

      2. Although I respect Buddy Guy, Wes Montgomery. Talk about snoozefest.

        A lot of ignorance and arrogance in your post. No need to bash someones taste in music. I understand that Metal might be difficult for you to play, but just because its “crapola” to you. Doesn’t mean it is to everyone else.

        I’m not here to talk about who’s dick is bigger, but I’m a Metal head. Last I checked. I’m doing pretty well for myself. I have my own car, house. As far as guitars. 2 Strats, Standard Les Paul, Gibson explorer, Ibanez Prestige RG3550MZ and various acoustic guitars.

        So go back under that little rock of yours.

    3. Wow, that came off as extremely closed-minded. Guitar is not all about metal or the few artists you listed. I am actually very happy to see J-rock in future DLC as the first Rocksmith and its DLC was rather limited in international appeal. This certainly broadens the material and techniques available to Rocksmith. Some more pop, alternative rock, and jazz would be nice to see too.

      Expand your horizons. You never know what you might learn or like.

  27. I gotta agree with Jesse Garcia on this….this is a Terrible list of DLC, I hope the old DLC is compatible with 2014 cause this list is Bush League.

      1. How about DLC from PC to Mac via Steam purchase? Would all those DLC I have purchased from Steam on PC work on Rocksmith 2014 on Mac?

  28. Why are there all these unknown and asian bands? We dont live in asia and who wants these songs. This Rocksmith is kind of a disappointment with its songs.

    1. Yeah, what’s with these uppity Asians foisting their DLC on us, and forcing us to scroll through it to get to the good stuff! Why should they get to learn songs that they like but I don’t even know? Why is Ubisoft refusing to instigate a whites-only policy for DLC?

  29. Fito y Fitipaldis, Eros Ramazotti & Carlos Baute needed in latin countries. Rock without blues is empty.

    My friend likes metal I think he could be deaf…but we have civilised conversations about music and help each other out with gear…he persuaded me to try Rocksmith so here goes….

  30. I’m just guessing…
    “Memeshikute” meaning “namby-pamby”
    (“memeshii” meaning “effeminate” and/or “dwell on the past”)

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