Rocksmith 2014 Setlist

Bonus Songs:

Pre-Order DLC:

Anniversary Song Pack (Included in Rocksmith 2014 Remastered):

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  1. Bought the bon jovi pack for the ps3 cant find it anywhere on the rocksmith 2014
    Cant find the riff repeater either
    what the hell
    please help

  2. I would like to see at least one Pink Floyd song Comfortbly Numb on the set list, will it be coming out in the next few month?
    I’m enjoying my Rocksmith 2014, it’s not only fun but it’s better than taking boring guitar lesson and a lot cheaper 😀
    Rocksmith really rocks! Thanks for the awesome program!!!!!

    1. It will work but there are some potential technical problems. But, you can plug an acoustic in and use it. Also, most of the “Lead” material is much too hard to play with an acoustic. But, there are loads of Rhythm songs where it’s fine.

      Were it me, I’d get a cheap electric to use with the game. Make sure it’s got a good “set up” -- otherwise you can run into intonation issues.

  3. Hi everyone, I can’t download the import tool in the store of Rocksmith 2014 (PS3). I have the correct save of Rocksmith in my PS3.

    Can you help me?

      1. EU store, I’m italian and both games and saves are in my language.
        The Rocksmith’s in game store is totally empty

            1. It’s good that you didn’t. If your game is from your region and you are on the EU store the DLC should show up. Did you try the PSN store outside of the game?

  4. Not a single Brian Setzer or Stray Cats tune? Not even one? 😥 And no Clapton? Or Stevie Ray Vaughn? Come on! If there’s anyone who’s guitar work I want to be able to copy, it’s those three!

    Please tell me they’ll be coming as DLC?

  5. Why not add some THIN LIZZY, THE SWORD, ZZ TOP, TYPE O NEGATIVE, BLACK SABBATH, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, PRONG, or JEFF BECK tunes ? Or perhaps some of the Beatles solo work. I know The Beatles won’t be on there much like Van Halen, because of legalities. But maybe some Paul or George songs. Or more songs that are more challenging, guitar wise. Not complaining about the set list, because it is rather solid, but some of the songs are just chords and mundane, unless you’re a fan of the artist. Maybe the VH camp will see how well this game works and reconsider licensing their music into video games. Rocksmith is far from the abortion that guitar hero was.

  6. It looks like they released the rest of the set list.

    “Paul Cross ‏@crossieRS6m
    Ratt, Green Day, Queen, Rush, Def Lep, Deftones and Tom Petty coming to Rocksmith 2014 AND 6 tracks for DLC”

      1. I tweeted that I’m adding this setlist to MOG (Spotify competition) users. Are you going to add the 6 DLC which included QOTSA? Just tweet me back @eddie878

      2. I looked at the setlist here and the setlist on the Rocksmith site and it looks like they have 8 more songs we don’t know about

        1. • Bush – Machinehead
          • The Dear Hunter – Stuck On a Wire Out On a Fence
          • Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar on Me
          • Deftones – My Own Summer (Shove it)
          • Fang Island – Chompers
          • Gold Motel – Brand New Kind of Blue
          • Green Day – X-Kid
          • Minus The Bear – Cold Company 
          • The Police – Every Breath You Take
          • Queen – We Are the Champions
          • The Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
          • RATT – Round and Round
          • Rush – Spirit of Radio
          • Tak Matsumoto – Go Further
          • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Mary Jane’s Last Dance

          We are 15 songs ahead of so it’s actually 7 songs we don’t know about if bonus songs don’t count

          1. Oops, I must’ve miscounted. Still, that means more announcements! And that doesn’t even count the bonus songs!

  7. Amazon UK has finally put up a listing for Rocksmith 2014 and confirms that in the UK Cherub Rock is an Amazon exclusive Pre-Order bonus.

  8. Need to add We are the Champions by Queen and also Green Day, not sure what song it is I could only see the album art for ¡Tré! wish it was some of their older stuff but Green Day fans should be happy with getting whatever song it is 🙂

    1. That has to be x-kid! Songs are listed alphabetically. Good choice hopefully this means they can get more green day songs in the future.

  9. Just curious if rock and roll all nite is the original recording or from Kiss Alive, and fyi “cemetary gates” (perfect choice!) better be the full album version and not the music video cut.

    P.S. So glad i didn’t preorder bandfuse before RS 2014 was announced 😛

  10. Comparing Rocksmith to Guitar Hero is a serious joke. They do not even in the same realm. Rocksmith requires real talent to be good, guitar hero is just a stupid game.

    1. (Coming from a Musician) The Guitar Heroes/Rock Bands were good at getting ones rhythm down, as well as hand and finger synchronization. When to pluck/strum and using 3 to 4 fingers across the 5 frets. So Muscle memory, to a point, was imprinted on her. Aside from Strings, she knew when a note went up in pitch, generally, the next fret up the neck was hit.

      HOPO’s she got down.

      I played it with my NON-at the time-Musical wife. And once she 5 stared 90% of ALL Rockband 3 including DLC, on Expert, I bought her a Short scale Ibanez Mikro Bass and Rocksmith. Aside from learning ‘Notes’ she’s learned a lot from Rocksmith.

      But without a pre-emptive Rock Band/Guitar Hero start, she’d have given up and gone back to Everquest LOL. And my Jaw dropped when she said, Turn the Kid’s Old room into a Beat Laboratory! (Yeah, we watched step bro’s a few too many times)

      Now we Jam! And Now we wait on RS2014 and Maybe BandFuse for more songs!

      So, Real Talent, from going straight into RockSmith and 100%’ing all songs, yeah, Guitar Hero would seem like a Joke. But starting from nothing, before Rocksmith, deterred months and months of practicing her Scales, learning Sheet Music and getting hand/finger coordinated, Guitar Hero was an excellent tool.

      Just my 2 cents

  11. Aerosmith had an entire Guitar Hero game dedicated to them, hence why people thought they would not be in another music game due to a contract with Activision.

  12. Wasn’t Aerosmith one of those bands that were supposedly never gonna be be on a rhythm game any time soon?

      1. My point was never say never when it comes to this stuff! I wouldn’t say Metallica will never be in this game cuz i got a feeling they will.

        1. If they were in Rocksmith, they’re bound to release different tracks featuring Metallica.

        2. Any time soon seems like a stretch. Activision seems to like holding onto them- Hammett even appeared as a skater in THPS HD DLC IIRC.

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