Rocksmith 2014 DLC 3/1/2016 – Rocksmith Goes to the Movies

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Hope you enjoyed the Academy Awards (spoiler: @LeoDiCaprio finally won) now let’s play some classic movie themes on our Axes! Today’s DLC is five rearranged but still true to the original Rocksmith DLC tracks of the following movie scores by @UbisoftStudioSF!

Rocksmith Goes to the Movies – $9.99 / Steam (PACK ONLY)


  • Howard Shore “A Knife In The Dark” – Drop D
  • Alan Silvestri “Back to the Future”
  • Danny Elfman “Batman – Theme” – Alt. Lead
  • John Williams “Superman – Main Title” 
  • John Williams “Jurassic Park –  Theme” – Drop D [Rhythm/Bass]

Are you excited to learn these movie themes on Guitar and Bass? Or would you rather have seen similar treatment bestowed upon your favourite TV shows? Let us know!