Rocksmith 2014 DLC 3/1/2016 – Rocksmith Goes to the Movies

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Hope you enjoyed the Academy Awards (spoiler: @LeoDiCaprio finally won) now let’s play some classic movie themes on our Axes! Today’s DLC is five rearranged but still true to the original Rocksmith DLC tracks of the following movie scores by @UbisoftStudioSF!

Rocksmith Goes to the Movies – $9.99 / Steam (PACK ONLY)


  • Howard Shore “A Knife In The Dark” – Drop D
  • Alan Silvestri “Back to the Future”
  • Danny Elfman “Batman – Theme” – Alt. Lead
  • John Williams “Superman – Main Title” 
  • John Williams “Jurassic Park –  Theme” – Drop D [Rhythm/Bass]

Are you excited to learn these movie themes on Guitar and Bass? Or would you rather have seen similar treatment bestowed upon your favourite TV shows? Let us know!



75 thoughts on “Rocksmith 2014 DLC 3/1/2016 – Rocksmith Goes to the Movies

  1. I am throughly enjoying this dlc. It really helps with developing the finger picking. Gotta think positively

  2. This could have been a great pack if they went for iconic songs from movies rather than the theme songs. I know it requires the licensing, but at least people would buy it.

    1. Just thinking about what could have been included:
      Survivor -- Eye of the Tiger (Rocky 3)
      Kenny Loggins -- Danger Zone (Top Gun)
      Chuck Berry -- Johnny B. Goode (Back to the Future)
      Huey Lewis & The News -- Power of Love (BttF)
      Simple Minds -- Don’t You (Forget About Me) (Breakfast Club)

      I’m sure there are a lot more options too

        1. Dammit, that was the only one I didn’t check. Still was more just spit-balling ideas for a different concept of the movies pack.

  3. Okay, I gave the whole pack a couple play- throughs rhythm and lead (no bass), and I have to say im happy with the purchase. It is not on par with the bachsmith packs, but when you take it on its on merit it is a great pack. What the previews do not show is the rhythm paths which are much more diverse than your typical “strum alongs”. They also give you a better idea of the approach the notetrackers were taking. The lead chart is more of the primary voicing while the rhythm fills in the rest (Think of playing a song where you replace the lead vocals with a guitar). You really need both parts to get the whole feel. Another nice thing about this pack is that it provides a fun break from the usual rock track. If your on the fence with this one, Id recommend watching the twitch broadcast, it should be interesting.

  4. Any word on the release of the PS3 DLC…not seeing it on PSN or in the Shop…have tried console only at this point?

  5. Wow, a lot of people turned their backs on this pack after all the praise it got on the first post. I don’t really know what everyone’s problem is. The announcement clearly said the RS team wasn’t going to take many creative liberties, and were basically just going to transcribe the songs as they were. I don’t really understand what everyone is surprised about. In general, the point of orchestral music is that no individual instrument outshines the others, so obviously the leads aren’t going to be very flashy.

    I thought all the songs were great choices. I actually liked Superman and Jurassic Park way more than I was expecting, but the other 3 are pretty satisfying too. Lots of sustains in the pack which can be a little bland. Luckily, Rocksmith doesn’t punish you for adding extra notes or jazzing things up, so I think anyone with the slightest bit of creativity should be able to take quite a bit out of this pack.

    My only real criticism is the guitar tones that come with the songs don’t sound particularly good and blend poorly with the other instruments. That’s a simple problem to fix though, as I have access to millions of guitar tones in this game. Tones from my Mastodon/Lamb of God packs are giving these songs the heaviness I wanted.

  6. Personally, I really like this pack. My favorite packs are often things I don’t listen to normally, but that have a lot to teach me or allow me to solidify the things I’ve learned. I’ve loved both Bachsmith packs, .38 Special, all the blues stuff, and I see a lot in this pack to learn and enjoy as well. I’m really glad that the powers that be at Rocksmith are willing to keep trying these interesting and different concepts. I hope they continue for a long time!

  7. …a month early? april fools i mean…

    now some one explain to me : what is the request thing for? did anyone request jurassic theme and the like and “oh please make it sound dull as hell if you can” ?

    this is getting sad
    whateversmith14 yeah…i don’t feel like rock anymore with this product. in the early days i would have bought a new rs in a heart beat. after these dlc i’d wait 1 maybe 2 years when they release sth new to have a backlog (of probably 10 songs) to buy…

    1. So you have limited scope for your taste in music, I mean you just said it would take 1-2 years to get 10 songs you like. That doesn’t really seem like a products issue, seems more like yours.

      1. all i am seeing is novelty stuff and poppy stuff, emo or dad rock.
        like this movie thing or valentines or christmas. they do this and i like the idea but the execution is just meh.make it that rock n roll or “guitar focussed music” is priority number one THEN do sth. fun with it. why do we get band of merrimakers (not sure if that’s their name) for christmas and not things like the that ramones christmas song? for movies? don’t tell me you can’t think of rocking movie soundtracks?! i mean they can make bach and mozart sound fun and rocking but everything i heard in the preview sounds butcherd.
        i only find sth to like (and actually buy)from some of those mixed packs. oh 1 song i like. yay.
        let me put it this way: if it was “country smith” you don’t want taylor swift because you were probably expecting willie nelson.and then you say you don’t like taylor swift and some one tells you it’s on you…

        don’t worry my scope in music is broad enough.(if it helps i go from dub and reggae to ska to punk to everything metal and rock to dubstep and chillout lounge to rap with sprinkles of jazz and country.)but as soon as you put the word ROCK into something and it’s about guitar i pretty much feel like i SHOULD know what i’m getting.
        don’t tell me it’s my fault if i wanted rock out of something that said rock on the cover. it’s not “broaden my musical horizon”smith ok? it’s broad as fuck as it is…
        and the thing about waiting 2-3 years and getting 10 songs? that’s pretty much how it is right now. last thing i bought was black keys pack II before that howling wolf before that ONE (praise the lord) motorhead song and then? for about half a year nothing and what i bought was something from the backlog like RATM and judas priest. nothing that came out…could have gotten slayer but that’s just not my type of thing (even though i was happy to see them on RS)

        what i actually WANTED to say:
        don’t blame it on licensing and i’d rather have nothing releasd for 1 month and then it’s most requested stuff. save your dlc release money and gimme ac/dc ffs…

          1. This is a weird place. Every week, the readers are invited to “let us know” what one thinks of the DLC but negative posts are often responded to and the poster put down.

            1. Now we have a better understanding of what smurfingit actually wants (AC/DC, which is a shame considering the unlikelyhood due to licensing), this was constructive.

              Also an opinion doesn’t shield you from criticism and as long as we don’t resort to threats of violence or personal attacks it’s all fair game. Nothing wrong with some banter right?

              1. absolutley.
                and ac/dc was more of a direction of bands…you know the rest.
                but hey i am looking forward to women who rock! (even though cherry bomb really isn’t my cup of tea 😛 )

  8. Wow, the general consensus on this pack went from positive to more hated than Sixpence None The Richer. Everyone’s a critic.

  9. such great idea for dlc and can appreciate the work put in but i’m disappointed with the tones and arrangements in this pack

    its not as cinematic or varied as i’d have liked, its lacking something darker and moody especially with the Batman track which i find awkwardly upbeat! sounds to me like an instructional pack, but maybe thats what they were going for.

    1. sounds to me like an instructional pack

      i watched the preview and felt like watching a demo…a sad sad demo

      1. yeah i bet tool and slipknot aren’t even requested yet or requesting it more often will help…nope…but hey that guy that wanted soundtracks got what he wanted yay (i hope he hates how they sound as much as i do)

        1. I bet Tool is close to impossible to license (Guitar Hero managed it by building environments just for the three songs Adam Jones allowed them to use), and as for Slipknot seems more like a barrier in terms of the tunings Rocksmith can handle.

  10. I was super-excited for this pack. I’m getting it, and I’m glad they did it. But I’d have really preferred something like Eric “Erock” Calderone’s productions. I’m sure there’s more learning benefit in keeping these simpler and cleaner, and closer to the original themes. But it feels a little wrong having these bombastic, epic, orchestral pieces played in a garage by a 4-piece band.

    So am I just lame for wanting something that sounds more … “produced?” I guess? More “wall of sound”-y?

    Anyway… I’m not gonna complain much, because in spite of my complaints I’d love to see… dare I say it… a sequel… 😐

    1. I think we were spoiled with Bachsmith. I kind of expected the same--thought they’d rock the tracks up a bit.

      We can still play this with different effects though.

      1. Now that I’ve had the chance to play them, I’m happier. I still wish they’d used more interesting tones and maybe threw a keyboard in there to make these more fun to play along with, but they are good practice tracks and at my speed, so I’m good!

  11. I dunno why they would waste their time doing this, was there a resounding cry from the community calling out to the Devs for this music?, How about some follow up songs packs to Alice in Chains or White Zombie

  12. Very very deceiving, m’y opinions , you cant take classic and do that none of thèmes for me , was hoping maybe jurrAsic and bttf wasnt butchered to much

  13. wow im glad im not the only one that thought these sounded bad or disappointing. i found these boring as shit and sounded more like something that would be heard as a demo take, not a final release, and most if not all of the “styles” for lack of a better word at the moment, dont sound fitting for what the tracks come from, but that may just be me.
    what happened to the amazing sounds that were done from the Bachsmith packs? those sounded great all around, these just sound…shitty. poor note picking, the timing in some sound off, theres unnecessary tremolos and the lead guitar tones sound like they are coming from a practice amp, and frankly a lot of the leads (to me) sounded like it was being played by a learning lead guitarist.

    better luck next time ubi

  14. I bought the pack. I do think converting an orchestral piece to a single guitar line is tricky. It’s easier to make an orchestral arrangement sound more true on piano, where you have two (or four) hands to really broaden the music. Overall, I support the team and am glad they did this. Maybe a few of these could have used twin lead harmonies or the like. But, these will be fun to play and improvise with.

  15. Actually hate all the totally unneeded tremelo picking in half of them, sounds terrible. Very let down was looking forward to rocky interpretations.

  16. Super stoked about this one, dlc that interest me are few and far between but this is a goodun. Take your neigh saying elsewhere! Also, why has no one mentioned the possibility of a video games pack? Halo on guitar hero was awesome! Please do Halo, Skyrim and final fantasy 7 boss battle theme to mention a few.

  17. Maybe I should not say…”good” music in that previous post. Movie music is “good” music…but…not…able…to…GAH!

    1. I think it was just transitioned poorly. The weird tremolo spots in back to the future, the tones don’t sound good IMO. Just a waste.

  18. Oh…I know….maybe we could get the oldsmobile ads from the 70’s….and how about pepto bismol ads. Maybe oscar mayer bologne as well. Also what about ringtones…could we get that old cingular ringtone…that brings back memories. Just can’t wait to get that. I am bored with novelty releases…are we out of good music? I can imagine better things to do with 10 bucks…and they come with fries and a shake for that price!

  19. Looks like fun to me. How about tv themes next? Simpsons, the A-Team, macguyver, and I second the wkrp suggestion.

    1. While I’m not old enough to have seen the show, I’ve heard the Barney Miller theme. That bassline is pretty nice. Since we’re talking bass, how about Night Court.

  20. There are so many films out there with guitar-based songs (like Breakfast Club, Flashdance, Footloose, Dirty Dancing…), and you pick something so boring. Great job, RR team. 👿

    1. Change “pick” with “were able to get the rights for”.
      Calling them boring is a bit harsh -- not your preference sure, but there will be some that like them.

  21. Got to be honest, the song I was most interested in was Sup’s Theme, and I’m sadly a bit disappointed that they stayed so true to the song we hear in the movie. (yeah I know, damn if you do, damned if you don’t) I kind of assumed Ubisoft’s RS version would have taken a few liberties, sped up the track and rocked it out a little more. .

    This isn’t a complete negative, just not what I expected. I’m still buying it.

    On another note, of all the Batman movies to select from, they chose the first Tim Burton movie. Considering The Artist associated with that movie, are we now one step closer to seeing something from Prince? (can this be taken as a near miss.)

    1. Just coming on here to say how bad ass the superman theme is until I read that and yeah speeding it up some would’ve been nice. Still pretty epic.

  22. Slight off topic, but the closest Leo has ever been to truly deserving an Oscar was Gilbert Grape. Someone else should’ve won.

  23. I will wait till I hear them later in the mix video before I buy. I think it’s a great idea, especially Tv shows, but also licensed music for the movies as well, IF they are available. Prince and batman!! We can only dream. Oh well. ❤️?

  24. Instabuy from me and a great segway into a different genre of rocksmith besides bachsmith. Hopefully they are fun to play and challenging. Awesome DLC week(s)

    1. I was really excited about this DLC — esp knowing LOTR was among them — and will still buy to support the inclusion of different genres. But why oh why — when every other selection got the overture or main theme — did they pick the most obscure/least musical piece out of the ENTIRE Lord of the Rings score????

  25. I would like to thank the Academy and Rocksmith for this award as well as my family and friends. Oh no, the music is playing, I just want say something involving liberal politics, but I don’t have time.

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