Rocksmith 2014 DLC 3/17/2015 – Shamrock Song Pack


Top ‘o the morning, Rocksmith lads and lasses!

This week’s Rocksmith DLC brings us a wee bit of the ol’ Irish rock and punk for St. Patrick’s Day!

First off, it wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day release without the obligatory Dropkick Murphys (I’m Shipping Up to Boston) and Flogging Molly (Drunken Lullabies) choices. We also get two artists making their rhythm game debut this week with 70s punk band Stiff Little Fingers (Alternative Ulster) and modern indie folk band Villagers (Becoming a Jackal)! Finally, we have a song that’s one of the most requested songs this side of Zeptallica FINALLY making its debut in a game: Zombie by The Cranberries!

Best of all, despite the fact that we have 5 different artists, all these songs are bundled together in one easy to purchase pack!

If you’re someone that hates downtuning, then breathe a sigh of relief! Everything this week is in E-Standard!

Shamrock Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

Is this exactly how you wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, or are you passing on this so you can afford more green beer? Let us know in the comments!