Rocksmith 2014 DLC 9/1/2015 – Earth, Wind & Fire


Hello, Rocksmith fans!

When you wish upon the Request a Song Facebook App, the Ubisoft SF Team will take your requests very far… it’s finally time for @Earth, Wind & Fire to make their Rocksmith debut! This week brings us a three-pack filled with delightfully funky bass- and guitar-filled goodness.

From their 1975 soundtrack album That’s the Way of the World we get the funk-rocker Shining Star, complete with a short but oh-so-sweet shred-tastic guitar solo as epic as the bassline! From the album Gratitude released later that same year we get the delightfully uplifting Sing a Song. Finally, from their 1978 greatest hits album The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1 we get their signature tune September to appropriately celebrate the arrival of this DLC on the first of said month.

If you own a bass guitar, I absolutely urge you to play these songs; Verdine White is known as one of the most skilled bass guitarists in all of funk music, and his delectably tasty basslines are on full display here. If you don’t own a bass guitar, I urge you to try these songs on emulated bass. Even then, the guitar arrangements here certainly have no shortage of fun, challenging rhythmic patterns, especially the guitar solo on Shining Star.

I’ve seen numerous comments on Facebook and on the forums asking for more old-fashioned funk put in the game, and EWF is one of the titans of the genre. I’ve personally been requesting numerous EWF songs for well over a year now, and it’s fantastic to see them finally receive some representation. The only problem now is just thinking about all the great EWF songs that unfortunately didn’t make the cut; Let’s Groove, Boogie Wonderland, After The Love Has Gone, That’s The way of the World, Magnetic, Love’s Holiday, Fantasy, and many, many more.

Earth, Wind & Fire Song Pack – 7.99 / Steam

Earth, Wind & Fire “September” – [XBL] / Steam
Earth, Wind & Fire “Shining Star” – [XBL] / Steam
Earth, Wind & Fire “Sing a Song” – [XBL] / Steam

Is this the sort of funk you’ve been waiting for? Will you be dancing and grooving to these songs this month, or has the love for EWF gone? Let us know in the comments, and have fun! Insert Heart/Captain Planet joke here.