Rocksmith 2014 DLC 3/31/2015 – Spinal Tap


Hello Clevel… er… Rocksmith fans!

Just in time for April Fools, we have some completely awesome rock from one of my favourite films of all time: This Is Spinal Tap! So, turn those amps up to eleven, get your medically accurate green ribcage t-shirt on, and while waiting for the pack to go live, go in to session mode and perform your new instrumental jazz odyssey!

We have five songs from the film in this pack, starting off with the classic Tap tune Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight! Next, we have what might be the first all bass song in Rocksmith history, with Big Bottom (note, the lead and rhythm tracks are other bass parts)! After, we have Sex Farm, a song which was best described by the Tap themselves: “We’re taking a sophisticated view of sex.” “Down on a farm.” “Yeah.” Next, we have a fun little ditty from The Thamesmen called Gimme Some Money, which was one of the last songs performed with drummer John “Stumpy” Pepys, who would die the following year in a freak gardening accident the policed deemed “best left unsolved”. Finally, we have a tribute to a legendary rock formation entitled Stonehenge! It’s believed this song was only performed once due to a prop issue.

Good news for people who don’t like to de-tune, because all these songs are in E Standard!

Spinal Tap Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

Note: due to an Xbox One leak @Elisoncrz was able to play 4/5 songs before release for your enjoyment

So, will you be turning up to 11 for this pack, or do you think this is one big s*** sandwich? Let us know in the comments!

By the way, if you’ve never done so, get a hold of This is Spinal Tap on DVD and watch it with the audio commentary. It’s absolutely brilliant.