Rocksmith DLC 1/15 – 90s Hits


Today’s Rocksmith DLC consists of three singles from three sequential years in the 1990s!


From 1990, Eric Johnson’s grammy winning instrumental guitar piece Cliffs of Dover.

From 1991, Pearl Jam’s first single Alive off their debut album Ten.

And from 1992, Blind Melon’s number one hit single, No Rain.


90s Hits (Singles)

*Only purchase the Pearl Jam Song Pack if you have not previously purchased Black and Jeremy.


Has Cliffs of Dover dethroned previous songs like Painkiller and Hangar 18 as the new hardest guitar song on Rocksmith? 

Ubisoft SF’s @NaoHigo has issued a challenge to all of you:

We’ll see you again on Friday for two new hints towards next week’s DLC!