Rocksmith DLC – 3/06 “3 Doors Down Song Pack”

As the Facebook page hinted last week today’s Rocksmith DLC is a 3 Pack from 3 Doors Down!

The Mississippi band make their Rocksmith debut with two tracks off their debut studio album The Better Life, including:“Loser” and “Kryptonite,” and “When I’m Gone” which appeared on their second album, Away From The Sun.


While some people seem to have a less than favourable reaction to this band’s inclusion in the Rocksmith catalog, I found myself really starting to enjoy the seemingly Alice In Chains inspired “Loser,” and the simplistic, yet sonically pleasing “Kryptonite” as well. So, while I’m not sure when MOAR METAL is coming, variety is always nice, right?

3 Doors Down Song Pack – 640 MSP – XBL / $7.99 – PSN / Steam

Loser (Combo / Combo 2) – XBL / PSN / Steam

Kryptonite (Combo / Combo 2) – XBL / PSN / Steam

When I’m Gone (Single Note / Combo / Combo 2) – XBL / PSN / Steam

Will you be picking up the full pack? Or just the singles? Or nothing at all? Let us know!