Rocksmith Rumour: Steppenwolf, The Guess Who, and Cheap Trick DLC Leaked

What a nice bunch of Canadian boys

Earlier today a post on r/rocksmith revealed three songs that may be headed to Rocksmith DLC in the near future!

The rumoured DLC was revealed through Steam’s CDR, for those who don’t know what a CDR is, redion1992 explains:

“For those who don’t know what the CDR is, it’s the huge database of every item on Steam. Including each game, and each bit of DLC. Sometimes, stuff pops up there before its official release, eg. to offer it as a beta.

There’s multiple websites which allow you to view the CDR in a nice, readable format. While digging through it, I came across these entries. This is a list of all the individual subscriptions offered with the phrase “Rocksmith” in the title, sorted by the newest additions to the CDR. The newest ones currently are the Nickelback pack and singles, but just below that… three singles.”

The three singles he revealed were The Guess Who’s iconic and often covered hit, American Woman, Steppenwolf’s rebellious anthem, Born To Be Wild, and finally a song that most of our readers should recognize Cheap Trick’s Surender.

While this isn’t 100 percent confirmed, previous occurrences lead us to believe we may see this DLC week in January. Will you be buying all three tracks? Let us know!