Speculation: Thirty Seconds to Mars to Land on Rocksmith

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Coming up next week is a FIVE pack from American rock band @30SECONDSTOMARS!

Does the lead singer look familiar to you? You aren’t seeing things, this is indeed @JaredLeto’s rock band.

Thirty Seconds to Mars are no strangers to music games- having been featured on-disc in such games as Guitar Hero: World Tour (2008) with their hit The Kill (which recently showed up again in Guitar Hero Live), and in 2010 received a three pack of songs featuring: Kings and Queens, Attack, and From Yesterday.  On Rock Band 30STM received five DLC songs including This Is War, and Closer to The Edge, this will be their first debut in a real guitar game!

Before we get to the speculation on songs, let’s check out @DanAmrich’s hint!

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Once you solve the crossword you are left with the following letters:


It’s an anagram for…


Which was an ARG conducted by the band as explained here.

Here are the Top 10 songs on Spotify US for @30SECONDSTOMARS! What song is most likely to appear in next week’s five pack? Vote below!

Now, given the newsletter hint for this month (sorry for the lack of a write up, it was hectic yesterday) being this…

Could that mean that we are getting this? I’d say it’s a safe bet…

What else are you hoping to see in the pack?  Let us know in the comments below!