BandFuse DLC

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Title Artist Release Date Pack
Run-Around Blues Traveler 2014-01-28 Single
Foreplay/Longtime Boston 2014-01-28 Single
Hey Man, Nice Shot Filter 2014-01-28 Single
Pardon Me Incubus 2014-01-28 Single
Fire The Jimi Hendrix Experience 2014-01-28 Single
Love or Confusion The Jimi Hendrix Experience 2014-01-28 Single
Simple Man Lynyrd Skynyrd 2014-01-28 Single
All I Want The Offspring 2014-01-28 Single
Cowboys from Hell (Live) Pantera 2014-01-28 Single
Roundabout Yes 2014-01-28 Single
Inside the Fire Disturbed 2014-02-25 Single
Crazy On You (Live) Heart 2014-02-25 Single
Dance, Dance Fall Out Boy 2014-02-25 Single
Foxey Lady (Live) The Jimi Hendrix Experience 2014-03-25 Single
Little Wing The Jimi Hendrix Experience 2014-02-25 Single
Purple Haze The Jimi Hendrix Experience 2014-02-25 Single
I Write Sins Not Tragedies Panic at the Disco 2014-02-25 Single
Back on the Chain Gang Pretenders 2014-02-25 Single
Surrender (Live) Cheap Trick 2014-02-25 Single
Mountain Song Jane’s Addiction 2014-02-25 Single
The Downfall of Us All A Day To Remember 2014-02-25 Single















All BandFuse DLC is now gone, sorry!

23 thoughts on “BandFuse DLC

  1. I bought this game about a month ago and then purchased 4 DLC songs the next day. Well, my PS3 broke about a week ago and I needed to use another one. I went to download my purchased DLC and there was only one song that I purchased available in the store (Simple Man). I’m hoping this is a glitch and they’ll show up later, but I’m suspecting I got ripped off.

  2. Is DLC still available for this game? I’m considering buying, but only if DLC is still available… ? Anyone?

  3. Getting Hendrix was a bad move too much money and in reality people admire Hendrix as an artist but are too intimidated to play his stuff. Should have gone with blink 182 instead to be honest maybe the game would have a better chance to get larger audience

    1. yep BLINK would’ve made this game, TAKE OFF!!! I bought this JUST for the Jimi Hendrix tracks. btw its on sale now 50% off

  4. Wait, there’s going to be both a studio version and a live version of Fire? What, are they going to have the same footage?

  5. 10 Songs a month is going to be too slow for me. I need them faster to keep my interest going.

    I love the software, but already bored with songs. I’ll buy most all of the songs on the 28th. But if it’s another month, RockSmith will go back to software of choice.

  6. I’m pretty sure that if the DLC does come out the 28th, it won’t be the whole 10 announced songs. I’m betting for a Jimi song and four from other bands, 5 songs in total for the first release. The week after the next we will see the second Jimi song and the other 4 announced songs. Same afterwards. A week of DLC including one Jimi song and four other, nothing the next week, then again a Jimi song and four others, nothing the next week, and so on. That’s how I guess they will be releasing ten songs a month.

    1. I’ll admit I had been assuming that the 10 songs they announced were coming out on January 28, but the wording of the press release doesn’t really say how many is coming out the 28th, just what the first ten DLC will be released, and that they’ll be releasing 10 per month. I asked for clarification on the forum, but maybe somebody else here has already seen confirmation one way or the other on social media.

      1. Well I’m just guessing, I haven’t seen any actual or official statements. But knowing Bandfuse, I don’t think my guess is off. Could be in for a surprise though.

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