Rocksmith DLC – 2/21 “blink-182 Song Pack”

It’s DLC time for Rocksmith fans and as we mentioned in a previous article we have a three pack of Blink 182 DLC to rock out with!

We have two tracks from Blink’s third studio album Enema of The State “All The Small Things” and “What’s My Age Again” and their most recognizable hit from Dude Ranch “Dammit”

This is one pack that would really benefit from the bass guitar being charted, maybe it can be revisited once we get some low-end love.

“blink-182 Song Pack” – 640 MSP / Steam

What’s My Age Again Combo / Combo 2 [XBL DOWNLOAD LINK] /  Steam

All The Small Things Combo / Combo 2 [XBL DOWNLOAD LINK] / Steam

Dammit Combo / Combo 2 [XBL DOWNLOAD LINK] / Steam

Are Pop-Punk tracks the kind of stuff you want to learn on guitar? Or do you still desire another 3 pack of metal songs you can barely play the solo for? Let us know in the comments below!