Rocksmith DLC – 4/17 “Judas Priest Song Pack”

While the leak last month already revealed the DLC for this month we were still happy to see that Rocksmith’s Facebook page confirmed the 3 pack of Judas Priest coming next Tuesday!

This pack features two hit songs off their 1980s album, British Steel featuring:Breaking The Law,” “Living After Midnight,” and of course a song that all music game enthusiasts should know by now, “Painkiller.

This 3 pack will bring the “MOAR METAL” song count up to seven songs, and yes I am counting Red Fang’s “Number Thirteen” as a metal song.  Is 80s metal the type of music you want? Or were you hoping for a sweet Borknagar song pack?  Let us know!

Judas Priest Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam

Stay tuned for videos of 1983electric’s mastered video of Painkiller day of…