Rocksmith 2014 DLC 10/21 – Arena Rock Song Pack


Rocksmith fans, are you ready? I said ARE YOU READY? I said ARE YOU REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADY!

The Rocksmith 2014 DLC you’ve all been waiting for (or at least I have) has finally arrived! It’s time to rock to some of the best hair metal (and real metal, which surprised me) this game has ever seen! Put on your tightest tight pants, layer on the AquaNet, bust out the ol’ Jackson, and take a trip down to The Strip in a car fuelled exclusively on tasty riffs! The Arena Rock songs are here!

Let’s take a look at the songs in this week’s batch of sweet, sweet singles:

First off, we have Autograph‘s rhythm game debut with Turn Up the Radio. Whether you’re taking a trip through time in your hot tub or driving down the streets of Vice City, you’re bound to recognize this rocker. Next, we have Billy Squier telling us all about the music industry in his classic The Stroke! The surprise of this pack is definitely Dio’s metal masterpiece Holy Diver. It’s definitely not the first song I think of when I think arena rock. The next song on our journey of totally awesome rock is something you’re bound to have Nothin’ but a Good Time with. That’s right, it’s the legendary hair metal group Poison! Finally, we end off with Seventeen by Winger, something I never thought I’d see in another rhythm game.

“Hold on, I need to chime in here…”

*a wild Elliott appears*

I am absolutely floored that Seventeen has been brought to Rocksmith! Winger’s Seventeen (in my opinion) is one of the most enjoyable songs to play on plastic guitar that Guitar Hero ever gave us. What a monster riff combined with two incredibly satisfying solos. Thanks Ubisoft!


One thing to note is that, because this is mostly hair metal, 3/5 songs are in Eb Standard. If you hate downtuning, then it might be best to avoid this pack. If, however, you enjoy the sounds of pure rockage, then go buy this now!

Arena Rock Singles – $11.99 / Steam

Are you pouting because you’re totally down for these sweet 80s riffs, or are you pouting because you think this music is a cheapening of all that was good? Let us know in the comments!