Rocksmith 2014 DLC 5/10/2016 – Variety Song Pack

Hello Rocksmith fans!

This week as promised is all about variety and in terms of musical genre it has definitely delivered. This week also has four new artists making their Rocksmith debut, exciting stuff!

First up is something fuzzyyup if you guessed Presidents of The United States of America’s hit single Peaches you were right! Next up we have some classic rock with Scottish band Nazareth’s Hair of The Dog! Hope it’s no the re-record… You wanted a challenge this week? Well, you’re going to get one with @ArchEnemyMetal’s Nemesis, and yes, that is Angela Gossow on vocals. Finally the already revealed Of Monsters and Men song Little Talks wraps up the variety pack for this week, awesome!

Variety Song Pack I – $9.99 / Steam


Is that enough variety for you? Hard Rock from Scotland, Swedish Melodic Death Metal, Icelandic Indie Folk, and Post-Punk Grunge Alt-Rock? Let us know!