Rocksmith 2014 DLC 8/23 – Rush II

Hello Rocksmith fans!

I hope you’re ready for a challenge because this week is a five pack from Canadian prog masterminds @RushTheBand!

We already had confirmation of Freewill (music game debut), and Fly By Night but here’s what else is coming…

From their 1975 album, Hemispheres and now the longest song in the Rocksmith library (dethroning Free Bird [9:08]), it’s La Villa Strangiato (9:46), yup for the first time ever in music game history this twelve part odyssey is sure to tangle and callous even the most experienced guitarist’s fingers. Good luck!

Next up we have the highly requested Working Man off their 1974 self-titled album. Are you ready for this one? It may be shorter than La Villa but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have to keep up with Geddy and Alex…

To close off the pack we get the progish-ballad, Closer To The Heart off 1977’s A Farewell to Kings. Bonus points if you can sing it like Bubbles..

Combining Rush II with the first Rush Pack + Headlong Flight and the on-disc 2014 track of Spirit of The Radio gives us 12 tracks! That’s right, Rush is now tied with @JimiHendrix and @RiseAgainst for the most represented in Rocksmith! That can only mean that Foo Fighters III is being worked on as we speak…

Rush II Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

All arrangements in E Standard



Is this the Rush pack you’ve been waiting for? Or are you still holding out for 2112? Let us know!

Personal opinion: even if you don’t like Rush, are you really going to pass up a 9:46 minute song? 😀