Rocksmith 2014 Q&A Stream Tidbits



Rocksmith 2014 is out for North America!

Last week a few of the community members on YouTube, Facebook, and yours truly had the opportunity to not only receive the game a bit early, but also to participate in a Q&A Twitch.TV stream, live with the developers behind Rocksmith 2014!

Here are a few of the fun tidbits that I jotted down during the stream:

  • DLC for Guitarcade has been talked about, but they will need to observe if there is demand for it and all the tracked inputs have been covered with the games on disc so far.
  • Radiohead: High and Dry was the song Paul Cross was most “emotionally attached” to on the Rocksmith 2011 Setlist.
  • Paranoid Android (Radiohead) has the vocal melody charted to guitar
  • The Trooper was the first song to clear licensing.
  • It took 18 months to clear licensing for the entire Rocksmith 2014 setlist
  • Some bands want to be paid in perpetuity each time a copy is sold, some bands have been cleared by licensing but can’t be used due to stipulations of this nature.
  • Weekly DLC – confirmed (3-6 songs a week)
  • In depth statistic tracking for Rocksmith 2014 will be available through UPlay
  • Paul was excited for “Say it Ain’t So,” but it was turned down by the label for Rocksmith 2011
  • Paul REALLY loves Oasis
  • Nick (Bonardi) loves Smashing Pumpkins
  • Everlong was difficult to clear for licensing despite Dave Grohl being a fan of Rocksmith
  • Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Metallica’s issues on being in the game are NOT money related
  • Paul Cross wants stuff like Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears as DLC.
  • Nao Higo wanted [REDACTED SONG] but they wanted way too much money, they were even one of the first songs on the build of Rocksmith 2011.
  • Sweep Picking didn’t make it into lessons although it was discussed in early stages of the game.
  • Pinch harmonics doesn’t have a hands-on lesson because detection wise it’s too tricky given that it varies where you play it on the guitar.

Nothing too crazy, but some fun things to think about. Stay tuned for DLC videos from this week, and of course our forthcoming full review of Rocksmith 2014