All About Rocksmith 2014

Release Date: October 22nd, 2013 (NA/EU/ANZ) November 7th, 2013 (Japan)
Platforms: PC/Mac, XBox 360, PS3

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• No Cable $59.99 (Save $20)

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Includes over 50 songs new to Rocksmith, including some of the biggest hits yet from alternative, metal, and classic rock.

More to be announced!

Pre-Order DLC:

• The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock
• Tame Impala – Elephant (Australia/New Zealand)




What’s New?

Session Mode

Session Mode seems to be a reactive virtual band within Rocksmith 2014. The onstage demo at E3 today showed Jerry Cantrell voice activating (Kinect) the game and changing the style of music as well as picking the instruments involved. Check out videos below to get a better understanding.

What follows is what Ubisoft has provided via their updated Rocksmith website. Since we haven’t seen the game outside of session mode for ourselves, we can’t comment, other than to say we are excited about these changes!


The Rocksmith interface makes it easy to see what notes to play at what time without the need to also learn sheet music or tablature charts.

WHAT’S NEW: The menus have been redesigned to be clearer, smoother, and blazing fast. The in-game interface has also been visually revamped to provide you with better feedback on your performance as you play.


Riff Repeater helps you practice by focusing on specific song segments. You can set your starting difficulty level, speed, or play note-by-note through especially challenging parts.

WHAT’S NEW: Riff Repeater is now fully customizable on-the-fly, enabling you to select your section, difficulty level, and speed simultaneously. It’s faster and easier than ever to nail that challenging riff.


Once you master a song, you can practice playing songs entirely from memory in Master Mode. It’s the ultimate achievement in Rocksmith when you’re able to walk away and play your favorite song anywhere.

WHAT’S NEW: Master Mode has been revamped based on your feedback to be a more approachable way to learn songs from memory.


By turning your TV or computer monitor into an amp, Rocksmith also simulates thousands of dollars’ worth of custom amp and pedal gear. It’s a comprehensive guitar gear collection. Utilize your armada of tools with multiple tunings and master tons of techniques through interactive lessons to create your own unique sounds and riffs.

WHAT’S NEW: Rocksmith 2014 Edition comes with an even wider arsenal of in-game gear through our partnerships with Orange, Marshall, and Eden.


What We Need To Know

Uh oh, UPLAY!

Rocksmith 2011 (sure let’s call it that) didn’t have UPlay. Seeing that phrase there is definitely going to scare some people with it’s DRM, Always-On, and all that stuff people seem to dislike. Will Rocksmith 2014 no longer be a Steam affair? If that’s the case how is the PC DLC going to be integrated?


Nonstop Play?

Is this Ubisoft’s version of All Instrument Mode/Party Play?


Good idea Nao, goooooood idea. 😉

Update from the FAQ: