Rocksmith Gets Funky Next Week!

Well, all right, starchild Citizens of the universe, recording angels We have returned to claim the pyramids Partying on the mothership I am the mothership connection…

Whoa ok, I got a little bit too into next week’s Rocksmith DLC for a second but I have descended from the mothership to tell you that “we’ve got a real type of thing going down, getting down” can you dig it baby? Let’s get FUNKY.

This can be only be Parliament!

Wikipedia states:

“Parliament was originally The Parliaments, a doo-wop vocal group based at a Plainfield, New Jersey barbershop.”

That wraps up what band it is, but unfortunately we aren’t 100% sure on the song by P-Funk, so for now we are going to go with, Give Up The Funk.

If you had a bass handy you already probably know what this is… However the clue is pretty interesting so let’s shed some light on that.

“After entering the United States Navy to avoid conscription after he dropped out of high school, (Rick) James went AWOL and relocated to Canada where he resumed his music career. While there, James formed the rock-soul fusion band Mynah Birds, whose lineup once included a young Neil Young.”

Come on, you know that this can only be Rick James’ hit single Super Freak!

Finally, we have this very recognizable bass line from the #1 hit R&B single of 1979, Good Times by Chic.

So are you ready for the Funk? Bassists rejoice, but guitarists may be left out this week, good thing we have the Avenged Sevenfold and Rush DLC to keep us occupied!

On a personal note… Come on Ubisoft give us the Maggot Brain we deserve!