Rocksmith Remastered DLC 1/30/2018 – 70s Mix III


Hello Rocksmith fans!

The final DLC of January 2018 is here and it includes a trio of new artists from the 1970s!

As revealed on Friday, @JethroTull will make their Rocksmith debut with the 1971 hit, Aqualung. Revealed today via Xbox AU we now know that @pcgamingisted was right on the money with his guess of @4GoldenEarring’s Radar Love (Moontan – 1973), and as you may have guessed from the featured image, Grand Funk Railroad’s 1973 hit,We’re An American Band is in the mix!

70s Mix III – $7.99 / Steam

You still have that capo out from last week right?

How does this 70s Mix stack up against the other two? Are you in for all three or would you rather see a Jethro Tull pack? Let us know!