Song Speculation: Jethro Tull eyes Rocksmith debut next week

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Here we are at the final DLC of January and it looks like promises of more 70s classics, will be delivered!

Let’s check out this week’s clue from RollingStone222.

It’s a GIF!


Hugh1972USA got this one

Is this the answer? Who is the other guy??

I get it!

70s Mix III!

This is gonna be fun!

Aqualung is featured on disc for Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, and Rock Band: Unplugged.

What other 70’s hits could be included?

What follows is speculation

Did you know this song came out in 1971?

this song really drives (@pcgamingisted)

I also hate people when they aren’t polite

Moar Bowie?

One T.Rex jam is surely not enough…

Are you excited for @JethroTull to finally get a song in Rocksmith Remastered, or were you hoping they would get the song pack they deserved? What other 70s songs are you hoping to see next week? Let us know!



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Put it with Psycho Killer and Maggot brain and it might be the best 3-pack of all time. 🙂

Charles Montjoy

Here are my choices. Peter Frampton Show Me the Way and JIm Croce Bad Leroy Brown

Reese Witheredpoon

I’d love it if we got The Chain by Fleetwood Mac in this pack.


Ooooh. I know we should be about the instruments in here, but I love the vocals on that song. “Listen to the wind blooooooooow” That’s a good song.

Reese Witheredpoon

And that bass part in the middle… so great.


Another group that deserves in own pack! I’d like “Blue letter” by them.


70s Classics is a point of view.

Just to throw y’all on the ONE, I submit the following:

Flashlight -- Parliament
One Nation Under A Groove -- Funkadelic
Pick Up the Pieces -- AWB
Sophisticated Lady -- Natalie Cole
Satisfy My Soul Babe -- Bob Marley & The Wailers (dem bwoys funk on dis one)

…and of course you know what’s coming……(see Elliot’s Song Speculation)

Dank Vader

Considering the number of Metallica requests, it makes sense that we would finally get Jethro Tull.

Marty Beam

I get it. Awesome. You win.


I’m excited AND I was hoping that they would receive their own pack, but hey, It’s not as if they were big stars like Mumford & Sons or anything, lol. More Boston please. I think Ubisoft should make a new rule: all mix and artist packs from the 20th century should be five packs and everything from the 21st century can be three packs. 🙂