Rocksmith Remastered DLC 10/17/2017 – Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Hello Rocksmith fans!

This week’s DLC comes from the great white north of Winnipeg, Manitoba!

Yes, finally Bachman-Turner Overdrive led by @RandysVinylTap will make their music game debut this week in the ever expanding library of Rocksmith Remastered.

As revealed over the weekend, both You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet off Not Fragile (1974), and Takin’ Care of Business from Bachman–Turner Overdrive II (1973) would be included in the three pack! As expected, the third single (confirmed by Xbox AU) is Let It Ride!

Bachman-Turner Overdrive – $7.99 / Steam

Everything in E Standard (work out)

Are you Bachman or Turner? Either way you’re gonna have a blast with these Canadian Classic Rock ambassadors! So what are you waiting for? Go buy it, or tell us why you aren’t…