Rocksmith Remastered DLC 6/6/2017 – Surf Rock II

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Welcome to the first DLC of June! The last Surf Rock themed pack came out close to three years ago (June 24, 2014). This year we get four songs from 1963!

These songs include the previously revealed @TheBeachBoys Surfin’ U.S.A. and revealed by Xbox AU, The Lively Ones Surf Rider (Pulp Fiction fans will get this one)The Chantays Pipeline (nice guess Ted)and The Pyramids Penetration!


Surf Rock II – $9.99 / Steam

The E Standard streak continues, also watch out for The Beach Boys, it’s harder than you think… Also, yes… You get to play the organ solo on the Alternate Lead 🙂

Are you excited for four more Surf Rock songs to play? Or is this not a great way to kick off the Summer of Rocksmith? Let us know!