Santana Headed to Rocksmith Next Week

dat PRS

2013 is here! We hope that you had a great New Year’s Eve and rocked out responsibly ūüôā

Before we get to the DLC coming to Rocksmith next week, we should probably mention the fact that DLC in 2013 will be weekly. That means that we could get up to 18 songs a month!

Also, if you haven’t purchased Rocksmith yet,here’s a¬†deal you should check out.

Paul Cross (@CrossieRS) had hinted that the first DLC of 2013 would involve “a true guitar legend,”¬†and of course despite our dream crushing article people jumped to the usual conclusions (Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Metallica, Hendrix, etc).

Before the day of the first Facebook hint, Nao decided to throw out a more specific hint on twitter:

Santa… Santana!

Check out the song hints so far:

This riff is definitely from¬†Santana’s¬†cover of¬†Oye Como Va off his 1970 album¬†Abraxas.

This riff is clearly from the smash hit,¬†Smooth,¬†a¬†collaboration between¬†Santana¬†and¬†Rob Thomas from¬†Matchbox 20. If you’ve never heard this song you probably didn’t live through the 90s!

I think we all have a pretty good idea of what the third song will be, but do you think that the outro will be included? Let us know your thoughts and come back on Monday for the final song to be revealed!

UPDATE: The hint is up!

Oh yeah, that is definitely¬†Black Magic Woman, but check out the mastery bars… Looks like the¬†Gypsy Queen outro of the song is intact as well. Thanks Ubisoft!