Song Speculation: 80s Mix IV brings Ratt back to Rocksmith

Hello Rocksmith fans!

The clue has been posted and quickly solved, and it looks like we are going back to the 80s once again!

Let’s check it out!

No hidden picture this week!

this is a private domicile (bitch)

Might be onto something here…

Looks like we have a winner!


This the first time there’s ever been a @TheRATTPack song in a music game outside of “Round and Round”

RollingStone222 is soooo clever

What else could be in 80s Mix IV? Well your guess is as good as our’s.

What follows is speculation

@pcgamingisted is still hoping for this

Black Flag, X, you know what needs to be next…

Time to get in shape!

What do you think is coming in next week’s 80s Mix Pack? Are you excited to play an additional song by Ratt? Let us know!