Song Speculation: Airbourne runs wild on Rocksmith


Hello Rocksmith fans!

RollingStone222’s clue has been posted and solved and it looks like we are taking a trip down under!

Let’s check out the clue!

No hidden picture this time!

I’m hungry already

Think I know where this is going…



Well done!

Hey, if you can’t get AC/DC…. What about the tuning though?

@Airbourne has been in music games a few times before. Most notable was their Rock Band DLC debut in the Roadrunner Records Pack 01with several metal tracks. In 2010 for whatever reason the track was removed from the pack and shortly after the single disappeared forever. Guitar Hero World Tour, featured Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast as an on disc song, and finally the stagnant Guitar Hero Live features Back In The Game on GHTV.

Knowing all this picking the songs that will show up on Tuesday should be fairly simple.

What follows is speculation

Ok, yeah they REALLY like AC/DC (Music Video)

Hey, who is that guy in the corner… (Music Video)


5 Million views ain’t too shabby!

Are you excited for this AC/DC ri- inspired band to be added to @Rocksmithgame? Or is this a poor solution to the absence of AC/DC? Let us know!