Song Speculation: Rocksmith Muddys the Waters next week

Hello Rocksmith fans!

The devious RollingStone222 stumped us but eventually we prevailed in solving this week’s clue. A legendary blues artist will make their music game debut with a FOUR pack next week!

Let’s check out the clue.

No GIF this time…

After NINE pages, we were getting nowhere so Ubi-Vertigo stepped in with a helpful hint:

The solve actually came from twitter user @btdwayne, who for whatever reason has not been able to sign into the forum for like… Ever.

Well done! That takes care of a newsletter clue as well!

FOUR pack?! I think we were all expecting another Blues themed mix pack, but four songs from the father of modern Chicago blues? That’s a great get for @UbisoftStudioSF!

What did the clue mean?
@DanAmrich explains…


This is the first appearance of @muddyofficial in any music game, so your guess is as good as ours when it comes to the three other songs in this pack…

What follows is speculation

Probably his most famous song

That’s quite the combo Muddy


Textbook Blues


Are you excited for this blues legend to come to Rocksmith next week? Or is this a bit too bare bones for you to enjoy… Let us know!

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