Speculation: 311 to make their Rocksmith 2014 debut


What could be coming this Tuesday? What could it possibly be?

Hmm… well, what would have worked well in March? Of course, that’s not the only hint present. Dan Amrich posted a (thankfully) easier (than last week) hint this week on the forums.


Have you gotten it yet? The people in this image are Lawrence Welk, Douglas Adams, Joseph Louis Francois Bertrand, and Yakko & Wakko from the Animaniacs. Still confused? Well, the three real people were born on March 11th, and the man who voiced Yakko & Wakko (Rob Paulsen) was born on, you guessed it, March 11th! In America, the date format would be 03/11. Since you’ve no doubt read the title, and seen the picture, I think you can guess where I’m headed with this! If the people weren’t enough of a hint, the picture is also (apparently) rotated -49°, and 360-49 = 311. Math! Oh, also, March 11th was a Tuesday, so a 311 pack would have been great for that day.

Here’s what we think could be coming with this pack:

Amber  (Confirmed)

Super chill and loaded with arpeggios, this song would be great in any 311 pack. Also, see below, because we have a very good idea that this will show up…

Beautiful Disaster

Arguably the most well known 311 song to rhythm game fans thanks to its appearance in Guitar Hero World Tour, as well as it’s recent addition as Rock Band DLC, it would be crazy to leave this song out of the pack.

Come Original

If the title doesn’t immediately jump out at you, there’s a good chance you’ve still heard this one. Or, at least, if you listen(ed) to a lot of Y2K-era alternative rock it will…

Down  (Confirmed)

Maybe the most rocking one listed here,

Five of Everything

Finally, we have the “let’s promote the new album” prediction. Fortunately, their new album was pretty awesome, so this track would certainly be a welcome addition.

And let’s not forget the screenshot for that leaked Mastodon DLC


Looks like we’ve got at least two picks correct…

Let us know what you think of a 311 pack in the comments!