Speculation: Rocksmith Newsletter hints at February 2017 DLC

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Finally, the monthly newsletter has arrived! You know what that means, let’s get speculatin’

Let’s take care of this one first

“a 30-year-old-memory”

I knew this one right away because I’m old…


“An act of vandalism”

I’m not going to let the opportunity slip to try to get another Sublime song into Rocksmith

Or maybe this 80’s tune

Or is it something more punk

Nah, Greg Ginn would never allow that…

Too obvious!

“and a cold six-pack”

Remember the last time our hint was “a cold one”? That ended up being @ReelBigFish but I don’t think it’s a ska band this time…

I think it’s time

@OsagaTheGreat is hoping it’s this though…

What are you thinking? What are you hoping to be included in this years Valentines themed pack? Let us know what you are expecting to come this month.

Stay tuned on Friday for the hint towards next DLC!