Song Speculation: Coldplay brings a six-pack to Rocksmith next week

Hello Rocksmith fans!

This week’s clue has finally been revealed and it looks like we’re getting the long-awaited debut of one of the world’s most popular rock bands, Coldplay!

Let’s take a look at solving the clue:

It’s definitely @Coldplay but….

A Cold Six-Pack indeed…

Coldplay is no stranger to music games, having appeared multiple times as DLC for Rock Band, on-disc for Guitar Hero in Guitar Hero: World Tour, and as one of the few tracks in BandFuse: Rock Legends.  With all this in mind, here’s what we think will come out next week!

What follows is speculation:

The easiest pick, Clocks also had a pro guitar part in Rock Band 3!

Off their most recent album with a simple but awesome riff to go with it, Adventure of a Lifetime would be a great fit.

While it hasn’t appeared in a music game before, Talk‘s simple but effective guitar work would be a great fit for Rocksmith.

Shiver‘s switches from overdrive to beautiful clean tones make it not only a blast to play, but to listen to as well.

The most out-there pick, but the acoustic part would make a great fit for the new microphone input option!

So that’s what we think will land this week!  What would you like to see from Coldplay‘s first Rocksmith pack, or would you prefer nothing at all. Either way, let us know!


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if I found friends or family playing coldplay I’d be compassionate and end them peacefully

Tanmay Bagwe



I like a few Coldplay songs. Would be more fun on piano though. Keyboard attachment coming soon? But as long as fix you is on here, I’ll be happy.

Terry Martin

Paradise is one I like, but not sure if it makes for good Rocksmith song. I like others too though. Hope it’s a 5 pack.


It’s a 6 pack! Very Nice.


hoping for Shiver and In my place


Great for people who want it but, “one of the worlds most popular rock bands”? I don’t know about that

Chris S

I’m excited for Coldplay but didn’t know how much hate there was for this band. I was a fan of early work it would be nice to get a songs like don’t panic and god put a smile upon your face. These guys really tried too hard to try something new and it turned off a lot of old fans I think

Dean Hooker

Ya, I don’t know where the hate comes from. They do what they do. It’s the same kind of thing when Good Charlotte came out… lots of hate but I find there stuff really fun to play. I’m in for this pack regardless…

Dank Vader
I think most of the animosity comes from people’s fear that if they listen to mellower music it makes them appear weak. Or something too POPular makes them a follower. Or fear of the unknown. Or some other irrational paranoia based on a deeply repressed trauma from their youth. I have been guilty of this on more than one occasion, at least with my instinctive reaction. I credit Rocksmith with helping to change this, at least for me. There have been a number of times that upon revelation of an upcoming artist I feel less than enthusiastic. Then, either through… Read more »

Soooo excited about this. Just tried to learn how to play Adventures of a lifetime last night.


awwwww yeaaaah! Heres to hoping for Yellow and Shiver!

Riff Repeater

Yellow is confirmed


Yes, finally COLDPLAY! Rocksmith actually accept my request. Thank you Rocksmith

adam crawford

Is it a 5 pack?

Riff Repeater

It’s the rare six pack! Only Stone Temple Pilots, and Linkin Park received one.

RATM got a Seven Pack (4 Pack and 3 Pack)
Rush got a 5 pack + Single in the same week
Hendrix got a 12 Pack


I like the old Coldplay, let’s see what they can give us. Do not be closed-minded! You can enjoy it in a different way than Dream Theater and similar groups.

Michael Peter Foerster
Michael Peter Foerster