Three #1 Hit Songs coming to Rocksmith Next Week

Greetings Rocksmith fans! The hints are out for next week’s DLC and it looks like a bunch of chart topping  #1 songs from the early 80s! Songs from newcomers to Rocksmith such as: Blondie, Rick Springfield, and Tommy Tutone!

Personally I think the release should be called Foreveralone Hits but that’s probably why I don’t work for Ubisoft SF… Anyway, let’s check out the hints!

Aside from the obvious riff present here from Call Me by Blondie, one should note that the #1 song was a collaborative effort by Giorgio Mordoer (who you should know about if you’ve listened to Daft Punk’s new album) and Debbie Harry. Stevie Nicks was unable to work on the track due to a contractual conflict of interest with her current record label, and so history was made!


Did you know that Rick Springfield played Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital from 1981-1983? No? Well then, did you know that Neil Giraldo recorded the solo for Jessie’s Girl pictured above? Well now you do!

Rocksmith don’t change that number 867-5309!

So there you have it, three #1 hits coming to Rocksmith next week! What are you grabbing?