15 Songs on Rocksmith that will make you a campfire guitarist

Admit it, you’ve seen an acoustic guitar (or brought one yourself) at a friendly gathering, and you want to be the one providing the entertainment for the duration of the event. Here are 15 songs that will help you achieve that dream of becoming the campfire guitarist.

1. Karma Police (2014 DLC)

A staple radiohead song which will have all your friends crooning along with you, “Phew for a minute there I lost myselllf.”

2. Disarm (2014 DLC)

Em C G D. Now you can play Disarm. “The killer in me is the killer in yooou.”

3. Have You Ever Seen The Rain (RS1 DLC)

We will not be held responsible if this CCR tune brings upon the aforementioned weather condition.

4. Here Comes Your Man (RS1 DLC)

Combine Frank Black’s chord progression with the lead riff for best results!

5. Say It Ain’t So (Rocksmith 2014)

Tune down for this song that everyone will know! Whether you falsetto the solo or not is up to you.

6. If It Means a Lot To You (2014 DLC)

Probably a relatively unknown song in comparison to other songs on this list, but if you don’t mind tuning to D Standard this song will definitely make everyone sing “La La La La”

7. High and Dry (RS1 Import)

Practice your falsetto and throw in Jonny’s solo if you are so inclined.

8. When I’m With You (RS1 Import)

Short and sweet!

9. Where Is My Mind (RS1 Import)

What is the first rule of acoustic guitar jams?
10. Caring is Creepy (RS1 DLC)

It’s not the song that will change your life, but it’s pretty good

11. Swing Life Away (2014 DLC)

A good song to play after you tuned down for Weezer.

12. Losing my Religion (Rocksmith 2014)

We’d recommend the rhythm arrangement unless you have a spare mandolin.

13. Don’t Look Back In Anger (Rocksmith 2014)

Imagine everyone’s surprise when you don’t play Wonderwall

14. Oh Love (2014 DLC)

While not my favourite Green Day song, it translates excellently to acoustic.

15. Ho Hey (2014 DLC)



Can you think of some acoustic jams we missed? Let us know!